Haunted House of the Week

The third installment is at Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown.

Haunted House of the Week

Located in Uniontown, Haunted Hills Estate is a fun haunted attractions you can visit this October. The whole attraction comes complete with up to three different events you can take place in. This haunt is open from Thursday-Sunday until the end of October and then again on Nov. 7 for a special challenge.On a Thursday and Sunday, the cost will be $22 while it is $25 on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday and Sunday, it is open from 7-10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday it is open from 7-11p.m.

   The first of the three attractions is the Legends – Possession. This portion is like any other generic haunted house. It comes equipped with 25 separate rooms that you will walk through filled with actors trying to scare you every turn. In the past years that I have gone through this house, I have been impressed with the effects they provide. The theatrics are on point with a majority of the other surrounding haunts.

    The next attraction you can head to is the Undead Challenge Trail. This event has changed a few times over the past years but is back to its classic look. On this hour long walk through the woods you will have to make a stop at 8 different stations. In between the stations you will be haunted and chased by the undead. If zombies are your thing, this is the perfect trek for you. Not only will you be hunted by zombies, you will also have to test your skills, with your team, in order to pass through each station and move to the next one.

   The final attraction you will be able to attend is the newly created Slaughterhouse Escape. It seems that every year this portion gets changed around. The most recent one I was at included a full length witch trial. There was a minor walk through followed by the trial. This year they seem to have changed up the idea and created a room where you have 10 minutes to work with you group and escape. The general idea behind it is that you are trapped by a butcher and will have to find his secret to getting released. If you pass this challenge in a quick time, you will be invited back to attend a harder challenge on November 7 against other competitive teams.

   If you are interested in this journey and have a large group of people that would want to attend, you can purchase at a group rate. If you do attend with a group you can get your whole event catered and begin at a private bonfire. I have had the luxury of attending this one time in the last couple years and it really is a good bargain. If you are able to get a big enough group together, this is the most convenient way to go about this attraction, especially if you want to make a party out of it. The prices are very reasonable when it comes to catering and you have a wide variety of things to choose from ordering. You can go anywhere from s’mores to pizza to hot dogs.

   If you are planning on taking only a small group, you can choose to stop by the concession stand for food. Like many haunted attractions, the prices are fairly reasonable. The quality of the food however, is not as good as you may expect. You will also be able to find a booth that sells apparel such as t-shirts and hoodies. If you are a super fan it is something you may really enjoy having to remember you trip.

    In the closing week of the Halloween season, this is a must stop attraction. It provides the most “bang for your buck” and will have you jumping around every bend. The challenge trail is mainly outside while the house and Slaughterhouse Escape are more geared towards being indoors. You should still dress for the weather as you will be waiting between attractions outside. The whole experience is open whether it is raining or dry. Again, remember to get there early if you plan on attending all three events and as always, beware, you are in for a scare.