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An image from the home page of the new Cal U Clubs and Organizations website

A new website unveiled for Cal U’s virtual club and organization fair

Cal Times February 18, 2021

Interested in learning more about clubs and organizations at Cal U? Visit the new clubs and organizations webpage for more information! The site features club videos, photos,...

Dillon Gaudet representing CUTV at the Cal U Club and Organization Fair, Sept. 12, 2017 (File photo)

Students: Virtual club and organization week activities

Cal Times February 10, 2021

Club Connections Tuesday, February 16, 2021 11 a.m.  to 12 p.m. Join representatives from Student Affairs and SAI to learn more about clubs and organization and get your questions answered. Register...

Quarantine 15? What to do about weight gain during the pandemic.

The Difficulties of Losing the “Quarantine 15”

A story of dieting during the pandemic
Tom Caton, Editor in Chief February 10, 2021

Dieting for weight loss is something that can be very difficult to stick to. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started last year and we were all forced into lockdown, many of us found ourselves stocking...

Jonny’s Country Kitchen: How to cook deer steaks

Jonathan Sakaguchi, Contributor February 3, 2021

During the fall and early winter seasons, particularly in the regions surrounding Cal U's campus and throughout Pennsylvania,  many hunters pursue a popular tradition of going out into the woods to hunt...

Since the pandemic’s initial impact, Starbucks has seen their revenues decline. In June
Starbucks announced a loss of $3.2 billion in revenue in their fiscal third quarter. They attribute this loss in sales to the coronavirus pandemic.

Caffeinated comfort: pandemic responsible for rise in at home coffee consumption

Johanna Eisel, Staff Writer December 9, 2020

Since the pandemic started, professor, Christina Fisanick, has increased her coffee intake from two cups a day to six or more cups. “I guess because I am home and close to the coffee pot, but also...

Working During the Pandemic; Cal U alumni talk about working professionally amidst the covid-19 pandemic

Working During the Pandemic; Cal U alumni talk about working professionally amidst the covid-19 pandemic

Tom Caton, Editor in Chief December 2, 2020

Jessica Crosson, Cal U alumnae, has had it pretty well with her current job. However, when the covid-19 pandemic broke out, she now considers her once typical day of work, now atypical. Crosson, 23,...

Covid-19 pandemic impacts recent Cal U graduates seeking jobs and furthering their education

Megan Schimp, Contributor December 2, 2020

When Taylor Carroll began her academic career at California University of Pennsylvania, she did not imagine she would be where she is now as a 2019 graduate. Not only have her plans for her career changed,...

Cal U Wellness Center to host Post Election Day stress discussion

Cal U Wellness Center November 4, 2020

Election Day is almost here. That politics is stressful is not necessarily a surprising concept. We’re all aware of relationships made awkward by politics, ruined dinner parties, and subjects labeled...

Ashlyn Twale (left) and Trevin

Cal U Student Engagement

Tom Caton, Editor in Chief November 4, 2020

What first started off as a weekend getaway to Cleveland, Ohio, turned into a surprise wedding engagement for two Cal U students, when Trevin Keteles asked his girlfriend, Ashlyn Twale, for her hand in...

The front view of the new Don Patron Mexican Restaurant at 227 Wood Street, California, Pa.

New Mexican restaurant opens at former Spud’s location in California Borough

Cal Times November 4, 2020

The Don Patron Mexican Grill opened this week in California Borough, just a few blocks from California University of Pennsylvania's campus. Located at 227 Wood Street, it is the site of the former Spud's...

Interior of The Sandwich Shop and Deli. Menu items include antipasta salad, the all American hoagie, and hot buffalo chicken bagels.

Brownsville’s newest family-owned ‘Sandwich Shop and Deli’ prevails amidst pandemic

Kortnie Gould, Contributor October 7, 2020

Standing at the corner of Brownsville Avenue is a deli that opened its doors in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite debuting during a time when staying at home was required, the deli was successful...

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