Class Registration in PennWest

Student’s first class registration since merger


Sarah Seader

PennWest Ready California event sign

Maggie Hay, Staff Writer

With the upcoming Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 class registrations, PennWest University students and faculty are in what some may call unknown territory.

Since the integration of California University of Pennsylvania, Clarion University, and Edinboro University, all three campuses have been challenged to coordinate schedules, merge classes, and create and eliminate majors, all while trying to ease the stress of the students and staff that make up the school population.

Registration begins on Nov. 7 at 8 a.m. for graduate students and those who have priority registration. Students are receiving emails to meet with their academic advisors, attend educational events, and be aware of potential changes or delays.

Terry Carnathan, a Success Coach from the Center for Student Outreach and Success Coaching, said that it is crucial that students meet with their advisors prior to the start of registration.

“Failing to plan can make it difficult to meet your academic goals,” Carnathan said. “We typically recommend having several alternative courses available in the event your primary choice is full. By being proactive and planning ahead, you are likely to have a smooth registration process.”

Although most students understand the importance of meeting with their academic advisor, they are still finding it difficult to solidify a meeting time.

Chelsea Vadas, a California criminal justice major, said she’s trying to make a plan.

“My advisor doesn’t really have time to open her emails and seems to be more unorganized since the integration, which makes me feel unorganized,” Vadas said.

Academic advisors are also feeling pressure with the limited and decreasing amount of time they have to meet with their advisees.

Gregory Spicer, communications professor, said he’s been struggling to find what has replaced VIP, and is unsure of who his advisees actually are or where to find the list of them.”

“I know students are getting emails to meet with their advisors, but I am just feeling overwhelmed,” Spicer said.

Spicer also said that with the integration and the constant bombardment of the internet and notifications, it just feels daunting.

California students were encouraged to attend the “PennWest California Ready Event” which was hosted on the second floor of the Natali Student Center on Thursday, Oct 27. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This event taught students how to prepare and register for classes. In addition, there was a gift card giveaway, a chance to win priority registration, and other games to encourage student attendance.

“The Center for Student Outreach and Success Coaching collaborates with several other areas at PennWest to prepare students for registration,” Carnathan said. “Many resources are dedicated to helping students prepare in the form of events, workshops, tutorials, and emails to name a few.”

The California Peer Mentoring Program is also promoting meetings between mentors and protégés to be sure that new students are adequately prepared for the upcoming registration. Upon that, student success coaches presented in First-year Seminar this past week to prepare students who have not gone through registration before.

Although PennWest California is hosting events and consistently reminding students of the upcoming registration, students may still feel underprepared.

“I feel very unprepared,” said Jayla Tierney, a California criminal justice major. “Since my degree works has not been working correctly, I am unsure of what classes I even need to take.”

In addition to the California campus, students at the other campuses are feeling stressed about registration too.

“I don’t feel that great about the upcoming registration because they don’t have any type of classes posted to get an idea or even our midterm grades,” said Kylie Simms, an Edinboro nursing major. “My advisor hasn’t even sent out anything regarding registration meet-up times. I don’t feel prepared at all because of those reasons and wish it was a more informed and much easier process.”

The Center for Student Outreach and Success Coaching is trying its best to make the class registration process as easy as possible for all students and advisors. The best advice they have is that when it comes to scheduling to be proactive and plan ahead.