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Vulcan Village Applications Open Now

Sarah Seader, Editor-in-Chief

With housing applications open, it is the perfect time to look at what PennWest California has to offer. In addition to on campus housing, students have the option to live at Vulcan Village. This apartment style housing provides students with a more private living arrangement.

Each Vulcan Village apartment is setup with a private bedroom and a private or semi-private bathroom. Included in each apartment is a full kitchen, laundry room, and common area. Additionally, Vulcan Village has a fitness center which is open 24/7, a swimming pool, basketball courts, sand volleyball, and more. With all that activity, a student can get hungry. So, just grab a meal and go at the Vulcan Market located within Vulcan Village.

The different Vulcan Village apartments include fully furnished 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, 4 bedroom/2 bathroom, and 4 bedroom/4 bathroom apartments. Located right next to Vulcan Village is Roadman Park which includes Adamson Stadium, home of Vulcan Football, Softball, Baseball, Rugby, and Soccer Fields, as well as Tennis Courts. Vulcan Village students can conveniently enjoy all that Roadman Park has to offer, whether that be a picnic during the nice weather, a walk or run, photography, tailgating during games, or more.

Throughout the semesters, Vulcan Village hosts various events and activities in the Clubhouse. This has included cookie decorating, contests to win gift cards, free snacks, and more. With the various events and amenities offered, there is something for every student to enjoy at Vulcan Village. Additionally, students can take advantage of the free shuttle bus services to the main campus.

Senior, Anai’ya Jones, who is majoring in Criminal Justice, discussed why students should consider living at Vulcan Village, “because it gives students the opportunity to gain independence while pursuing their academics and extracurriculars.”

Graduate Student, Savannah Dorsey, who is in the graduate studies program for Applied Behavioral Analysis with a focus in the Criminal Justice master’s program agreed that independence was a driving factor for students wanting to live at Vulcan Village.

Dorsey stated, “Although many may look at it as University Housing – it’s a small steppingstone to what it is like of having your own apartment. In more ways than not, teaching you what is like to have an apartment and have a more independent experience. Cooking as you wish, cleaning a larger space, calling and putting in maintenance requests, and the overall sense of community.”

If a student is considering living at Vulcan Village, they might wonder why current students chose to live there. Jones said, “As long as a student is enrolled full-time, Vulcan Village offers furnished apartments, where the cost of living can be taken into account in the financial statement. Therefore, a student who wants to reside there may pay by the semester rather than on a monthly basis.”

With flexibility being an option, this can be crucial for many students, especially those paying for college themselves.

Dorsey said, “At that time, as a sophomore, my friends and the idea of having my own space was honestly my influence. I was on the wait list for a single dorm at the time and my friends had intentions of moving to Vulcan. Once I did not receive a single dorm – I knew I did not want to share a complete space with another person, I applied to live at Vulcan with my three other friends. I still planned to move back to campus after the year, but once I realized it was truly like having your own apartment and living more independently, in a way – even the maturity that came with it all, I decided to stay.”

With the private bedrooms and amenities that come with Vulcan Village apartments, it helps increase independence, connectivity, and allows students to grow as individuals outside of the classroom.

When it comes to looking at places to live, one would like to know the benefits that come with the price one pays. Dorsey stated, “independency is a major benefit. Students can have more intimate gatherings, having friends (even family) come over for dinner and movies – hosting from your ‘own’ living room. Depending on the apartment type, you have the opportunity to have your own space – learn a craft, build upon that craft.”

Dorsey also mentioned the ease of access to the washer and dryer as another benefit stating, “right in the space of your apartment and no in the moment charges.”

Jones stated, “Vulcan Village offers furnished apartments, which is a huge benefit. Also, there is a laundry room that residents of each apartment can use at their leisure for free, unlike the dorms.”

Jones mentioned, “I feel that overall, Vulcan Village offers a comfortable space for students to live as an alternative to living in the dorms.” If one is interested in applying or learning more about Vulcan Village, they can call 724-938-8990 to schedule a tour. All current in-person tours come with an opportunity to explore one’s future home while at college, as well as a free Vulcan Village t-shirt. Fall Contracts for Fall of 2023 are now available to students.

Vulcan Village also offers housing for students during the summer. If a student is unable to go home before the Fall 2023 Semester or they just want to stay local, whether for work, school, or another reason, they can be on the lookout for rates and more information as the summer draws near. More information about Vulcan Village can be found here and questions/inquiries can be emailed to [email protected].