Stress Awareness Week: Cal U Women’s Center offers services and assistance to students


Alexus Krause, Contributor

This week, the Womens Center and End Violence Center honored days that would be important for students well being. Campus-wide announcements advertised the two Centers activities for each day. National Stress Day was Nov. 3 and Book Lovers Day was Nov. 5.

On Nov. 3, students in Natali Student Center were greeted by a student and offered a stress kit with items to help with a stressful semester.

The bags had a popping fidget toy, a small bag of cookies, a bag of tea, and stress reduction tips as well as information for both organizations.

Nancy Skobel, director of the Womens Center, was focused on making the semester more comfortable, for new and returning students.

The purpose of the National Stress Awareness Day was that college students are in the home stretch of the semester. Skobel said. It especially helps those students without time management skills are becoming more stressed because finals are right around the corner or large projects are becoming due.

Aside from the general stress that students face, Skobel also held concerns as to how the current COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting students.

A lot of students here on campus have mental health concerns, especially because of COVID. We wanted to do something nice and kind for our students to try and help them to learn how to destress and breathe. We think that they really are stressed, and we needed to do something, like a quick pick-me-up. Skobel said

Donna Hoak, an assistant with the End Violence Center, was surprised to see the outcome of the stress awareness event.

We will also be doing the stress bags for finals week, it was very well received, kids were just loving it. Hoak said.

On Nov. 5, students were allowed to peruse a table full of books on various topics, all focused on womens health. The books on self-help ranged from womens empowerment to general mental and physical wellness. The table also had free Chapstick and clip-onhand sanitizer bottles.

These are national days where we wanted to just try to do nice things for our students and to raise awareness. Skobel said. The books that we have out pretty much were self-help or womens empowerment, and that was our focus. Educating students how to love themselves and for women to have empowerment.

With another concern on the effect of the ongoing pandemic, Skobel spoke about the issues newer students might be facing

Due to Covid, with sophomores and freshmen, over half our population didnt know about our services that these centers provide. Throughout the semester weve done a lot more tying in with National holidays, trying to educate students about the services we provide and what our services are. There were students that never knew where our center was located, so it was a two-fold way to bring them in and show them where were at. Its a big way of spreading awareness all around. Skobel said