Me Too movement takes social media by storm

Me Too movement takes social media by storm

Jessica Crosson, Entertainment Editor

Following the sexual assault allegations of Harvey Weinstein two simple words have been plastered on various social media platforms, ‘Me Too.’

Actress, Alyssa Milano, re-sparked the #MeToo movement by tweeting, “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.”

Since then women and men alike are taking to social media to share their personal experiences with sexual assault and the number of posts is overwhelming.

However, the movement was started years ago by activist Tarana Burke. Burke was a youth camp director back in 1996 and following an all-girl bonding session one of the girls asked to speak to her alone.

This child had unloaded various accounts in which her “step-daddy,” her mother’s boyfriend, had done heinous things to her body. Burke couldn’t listen to more than five minutes of what this child had to say before cutting her off and referring her to someone she thought could help her more.

It was after that moment that Burke realized that “me too” was much more than just two words. It was not only a statement that offers understanding from one survivor or another but also a statement that empowers survivors and shows that they are not alone.

According to an article from ABC News, as of last week there were 1.4 million and counting tweets included the hashtag, along with more than 13 million posts, comments and reactions on Facebook. Since then that number has surely increased.

The hopes of this movement is to show how common sexual harassment and assault are and although not every person is going to post about what they have endured, the amount of people who are sharing are making their voices heard all over the world.

ABC News shared that Milano hopes people look beyond the “Harvey Weinstein craziness” and use the “me too” campaign to “put the focus back on the victims”

“To give us a voice. To give us strength. To give us power,” she said. “And what that enables us to do is say, ‘No more. No more. We’re not going to put up with this anymore.'”

Although posts have slowed down since last Sunday when they initially erupted the presence and meaning behind “Me Too” is still being felt. Now that the movement has gone viral it just needs to continue to make it’s presence known on the flip side of a screen.

According to an article from CNN, Burke shares that eventually she’d like to see conversations about what healing looks like. She wants sexual violence or gender-based violence approached as social justice issues.

There are an endless amount of posts that show nobody is alone in this battle. Hopefully this movement is only the start of a serious social change.