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The Cal Times student news is a publication of the Student Association Inc. at California University of Pennsylvania

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The Cal Times student news is a publication of the Student Association Inc. at California University of Pennsylvania

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PennWest Offering Opportunity to Travel Across Ancient Egypt

Professor Jim Bove Chaperoning Student Trip in Spring 2024
Jim Bove
Professor Jim Bove in Egypt

Over 5,800 miles away lies the ancient world of the former Egyptian Empire. Cairo, Egypt is a bustling metropolis home to nearly 10 million people, and PennWest students now have an opportunity to see it in person, complete with historical tours and luxury resorts.

The newly announced trip, offered through ACIS Educational Tours, is running from May 17-26, 2024.

Students will have a chance to explore major historical sites in Egypt, with the group traveling nearly the entire length of the country. Travel sites include the world-famous pyramids of Giza, the Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple, the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Philae, the Step Pyramid of Sakkara, and more.

Jim Bove is an Associate Professor in the Department of Arts and Languages, and will be the chaperone for all PennWest students, serving as their group leader. The official ACIS-licensed tour guide has yet to be announced.

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Bove sat at his eclectic desk in lower Coover Hall, surrounded by memorabilia from his journeys around the world, including Japan, vast swaths of Europe, as well as Egypt itself.

“We did Egypt about 10 years ago, and it’s time to go back. There’s been so many changes,” stated Bove.

Bove touted the newly opened Giza museum, full of thousands of artifacts from the days of the Ancient Empire, but he was mostly excited for the itinerary of the trip. The trip will take students on three separate flights, as well as a three-story riverboat tour down the famous Nile River.

Bove said, “You’re just seeing all this history float by you… it’s absolutely unbelievable.”

The trip will cost $5,151 per person, a bit more expensive than an average student trip to a traditional destination. Bove understands that the price is steep, but gives his rationale as to why.

“[Traveling in] Europe is easy,” he said, “I’ve traveled in Europe a lot, and to me it’s the intro, kind of a gateway travel destination. For Egypt, it’s advantageous to have a tour group because of the distance between sites and the logistics of the country.”

Egyptian Pyramids (Jim Bove)

The price of the tour is leading Bove to believe that this will be a smaller group, between one and two dozen. But, he says, he is hoping for a certain type of person to embark on the journey.

“I think that the groups have been getting smaller, so I’m looking to hit about 14 people…I’m hoping for more adventurous types who want to really experience travel. Do the hard trips now, take advantage of your youth and energy,” stated Bove.

Travel, around the world and to Egypt, has hidden benefits that students may never realize until they step off of the plane, according to Bove.

“Some of it is just about seeing how another culture appreciates their lifestyle, their way of living and especially their way of relaxing,” he said, “Americans live to work, but the majority of the world works so that they can live.”

When asked about what the focus of the Egypt trip will be, Bove dove right in.

“For this trip, because I teach art, we’re going to be looking at the art, the craft, and the culture of Ancient Egypt,” he said, “How did they build those giant structures? It wasn’t aliens! They were intelligent human beings. We can do amazing things, and Egypt is evidence of what human beings can do.”

Students can sign up for the trip using the link below. If you have questions regarding the logistics of the trip, contact Dr. Bove at [email protected]

TripSite Trip Overview

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