DJ Spotlight with Michael Robinson

WCAL’s newest DJ, Michael Robinson, is putting his spin on the radio.


Stephen Yaniga

Michael Robinson WCAL DJ.

Stephen Yaniga, Staff Writer

WCAL, PennWest California’s radio station, has new DJs this semester. One of those DJs is Michael Robinson who is originally from Denver, Colorado. He is currently a Freshman here at Cal majoring in Digital Media Technology. Robinson will be appearing on WCAL with his first radio show “Smooth Sounds.” His music is a blend of Hip-hop, Rap, and Pop, giving a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new.

“It’s the music I grew up listening to on the radio and with my dad and mom, and it’s what I listen to in my free time,” said Robinson.

Robinson uses techniques to engage his listeners, such as going back and finding music he likes. He goes back to the music he listened to in the 2010s for nostalgia. Sometimes he even goes back farther to the 1990s, because of all the other people who like that type of music.

“I like to mix it all in there to see how people feel,” said Robinson.

Robinson became a DJ because he has always had a love for music and always listens to DJs on the radio. When Robinson found WCAL, he was given an opportunity to put his skills into his own radio show.

“I’m not sure where I want to see myself as a DJ in the future, because I am doing it for fun and to keep me engaged in school as well,” said Robinson.

What Robinson enjoys the most about being a DJ, is seeing how people react and feel the moment he plays his music. Through the windows in the media suite, he is able to see how the people outside react to the songs he is playing.

“There’s always that thing that you know, that someone out there has got to like your music even though everyone doesn’t have to,” said Robinson.

You can tune into Robinson’s show on 91.9FM 12-2 p.m. every Tuesday.