Cal U’s pro golf management students prepare and serve special dinner in Gold Rush


Jeff Helsel

(From left) Nicholle Schuerman, sophomore, Dave Herforth, AVI Chef, and Cale Kauffman, sophomore, in the kitchen preparing chicken parmesan and fettucini with marinara sauce for the Professional Golf Management Dinner in the Gold Rush dining hall of the Natali Student Center, March 1, 2022.

Cal Times

Cal U’s  professional golf management (PGM) students enrolled in the “food and beverage management course” this spring recently participated in a unique “behind-the-scenes” training experience with AVI Foodsystems.

AVI chefs, managers and staff members directed students as they prepared and served a meal to visitors dining in the Gold Rush in the Natali Student Center on March 1.

“Students have a hands-on experience through training with AVI on food receiving, storage, preparation and serving, ” said Derek DeJidas, a professional golf management faculty member teaching the course this semester.

“Food and beverage management” is a required course in the program where students aim to become PGA professionals working in the golf industry.

“The goal is to provide students with an understanding of food and beverage operations with the intent that students will develop good working relationships with the food and beverage managers, chefs and staff at their golf facilities when working in the field following graduation,” DeJidas said.

The menu included Caesar salad, chicken parmesan, fettuccini with marina sauce, sauteed green beens, and a hot fudge brownie sundae for dessert.

Photos: Jeff Helsel / Cal Times

Addi Mann, sophomore, PGM program, prepares romaine lettuce for the Ceasar salad.


Nicholle Scheurman, sophomore, PGM program, ready to serve the plate of chicken parmesan.


Pastry Chef Steve Miller advises Shane Bioni, sophomore, on the technique for adding toppings to the homemade brownie dessert.


Geno Brown, sophomore, welcomes and greets guests in the “front of the house” position of the dining hall.


Damien Michaels, sophomore, ready to serve a plate of fresh tossed Ceasar salad.


Morgan Hughes, sophomore, prepares the fettuccini noodles for the chicken parmesan.


Derek DeJidas, faculty member the Professional Golf Management Program, and Addi Mann, sophomore, at the Ceasar salad serving station.


Nicholle Schuerman, sophomore, Cale Kauffman, sophomore, and Naveen Agarwal, AVI Sous chef, preparing the marina sauce and chicken parmesan.


AVI Manager Greg McGranahan (center) with Damien Michaels and Cale Kauffman, sophomores.


Cal U student diners line up for the PGM dinner in the Gold Rush, Natali Student Center, March 1, 2022.