VIDEO: New edition of “Caton’s Corner” features a catch-up journey with Cal U alumni, Danny Beeck and Reilly McGlumphy


In this latest, and second-to-last episode of Caton’s Corner, Tom received the chance to sit down and catch up with Cal U alumni Danny Beeck and Reilly McGlumphy from their current residence in Tampa, Florida.

The show features Beeck talking about his experience of working at Super Bowl LV (54) this year back in February, a catch up on Beeck and McGlumphy’s daily and work lives, their new dog Cruz, and all three play a round of “Tom’s Burning Questions” near the end of the show.

Furthermore, Tom also discusses his plans for the final show of Caton’s Corner, also known as “The Farewell Show” that is set to be scheduled on May 4.

A huge thank you, once again, goes out to Gary Smith, CUTV advisor and director/editor!

To watch the entire show, please click on the following link: Catons Corner 4-20-21 – YouTube