Professional Golf Management students prepare, cook, and serve special dinner in Gold Rush


Jeff Helsel

Cal U Professional Golf Management (PGM) students Nolan Bistline (on left) and Brendan Halpin prepare to serve a plate of orange chicken stir fry in the Gold Rush dining hall, Natali Student Center, April 21. 2021.

Cal Times

Cal U Professional Golf Management Program (PGM) students participated in a unique hands-on dining experience this week.

They were challenged with the task of preparing, cooking, and serving dinner and dessert to students in the Gold Rush dining hall, Natali Student Center, on April 20, 2021.

Austin Purchase, a junior in the PGM program, cooks made-to-order stir fry in the kitchen under the direction of AVI Chef Jennifer Richmond. (Jeff Helsel)

It was part of the lab experience of the one semester course “PGM 350: Food and Beverage Management.”

Under the direction of PGM faculty member Derek DeJidas, the course is taught in collaboration with Cal U’s AVI Foodsystems’ professional staff members.

According to DeJidas, students, who primarily aim for careers as PGA Professionals in the golf industry, are “trained with AVI on food receiving, storage, preparation and serving, cooking techniques, safety measures, and health department regulations, among others.”

“The goal is to provide students with an understanding of food and beverage operations with the intent that students will develop good working relationships with the food and beverage managers, chefs, and staff at their golf facilities when working in the field,” said DeJidas.

Lexi Tofanelli, a sophomore in the PGM program, adds a topping of sauce to the house-made vanilla gelato dessert. (Jeff Helsel)

Items on the PGM dinner menu offered diners a choice of:  1) Cook to order stir fry beef and broccoli with General Tso sauce and 2) Orange chicken stir fry with baby bok choy over jasmine rice.

And for dessert, a fresh baked fudge brownie with in-house made vanilla Gelato topped with whipped topping and finished with caramel sauce.

Nolan Bistline serves Zach Snedeker a plate of chicken stir-fry. (Jeff Helsel)


Cook to order stir fry beef and broccoli with General Tso sauce (Jeff Helsel)


Nolan Bistline serves a plate of orange chicken stir fry to Cal U student Brandon Solomon. (Jeff Helsel)


Nash Seaman, a sophomore PGM student (on right) with course instructor Derek DeJidas. (Jeff Helsel)


Lexi Tofanelli and Mike Schaal, sophomores, worked in the dessert station. (Jeff Helsel)


Mike Schaal adds a topping of caramel to the vanilla gelato dessert. (Jeff Helsel)


Nolan Bistline (on right) and Brendan Halpin, junior PGM students, prepare to serve a dish of beef broccoli stir fry. (Jeff Helsel)