VIDEO: Where are they now? “Caton’s Corner” catches up with Cal U alumna Jess Crosson and retired Comm Studies prof. Jim Carter

Caton's Corner, CUTV, Feb. 24, 2021

Tom Caton, Editor in Chief

Tom Caton hosted the first episode of the spring semester on his CUTV talk show, Caton’s Corner.

During the show, he interviewed Jess Crosson, former entertainment editor of the CalTimes, who is now living in Miami, Fla. and working at the Inter Miami CF. Jess explained what she does working as a Group Sales Account Executive and the other fun stuff she has been up to lately.

Tom also interviewed retired Communication Studies Dept. professor, Jim Carter, about what it is like to live a retired lifestyle in the era of covid-19. Mr. Carter discussed what he and his family has been up to over the last year and how he spends his free time in retirement.

Jess and Mr. Carter also joined Tom at the end of the show to play a round of “Tom’s Burning Questions” and the answers they give are hilarious!

To watch the full episode of Caton’s Corner, please click on the following link: CATON’S CORNER (2-24-21) – YouTube