Cal U Student Engagement


Ashlyn Twale (left) and Trevin “TK” Keteles right) celebrating their engagement at dinner

What first started off as a weekend getaway to Cleveland, Ohio, turned into a surprise wedding engagement for two Cal U students, when Trevin Keteles asked his girlfriend, Ashlyn Twale, for her hand in marriage.

Keteles, 20, and Twale, 20, describe how they first met as generic. The two met on the popular dating app, Tinder, and met in person at the Chick fil A on the Cal U campus earlier this year.

The couple has only been together for eight months before Keteles popped the big question.

“Sometimes you don’t need to wait forever to pop the question,” said Keteles, “When everything falls into place, as it did for us, there shouldn’t be a deadline or time constraint to wait or do within.”

Keteles and Twale say they have been through so much together for the last eight months, and even when they face challenges, they stick with one another and come out stronger in the end.

“With our love as it is, there was no need to prolong and wait it out,” said Keteles.

Keteles said it just felt right to propose to his girlfriend. He says he has never felt more of a connection with someone else before in his life.

“Her love and care for me is so genuine and mine is the same for her,” said Keteles.

Keteles was definite that Twale was the person he would want to spend the rest of his life with, and that is why he did not hesitate to propose.

The couple took a weekend vacation trip to Cleveland, Ohio to visit some local attractions, including the Rock and Roll Fame and to watch a Cleveland Browns football game, which is Keteles’s favorite National Football League team.

The couple celebrated their 8-month anniversary on Oct. 10 and went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. Everything went normal, from ordering their drinks to ordering their entrées. It was at the end of dinner when Keteles stood up, reached into his pocket, stooped down to one knee, and displayed the engagement ring to his girlfriend, asking her if she would marry him. Gaining the attention of everyone in the restaurant, and to no surprise, Twale said yes and accepted the proposal.

The couple has already selected a date for their marriage. Their expected wedding date is scheduled for Sept. 10, 2022, which is about less than two years away from now.

“We want to wait until we both graduate and by that time, we will have graduated,” said Twale.

“I’ve always had the expectation of meeting my ‘Mr. Right’ and get married someday,” said Twale.

However, Keteles never thought of getting married until he met Twale.

“I honestly never thought of getting married until I found Ashlyn,” said Keteles. “Then I knew I wanted to.”

The couple has already made plans for their future together. Both want to graduate college first and then get married. After tying the knot, the two want to solidify jobs and careers for themselves. Twale and Keteles have even discussed on when to move out and start their family together.

Planning a wedding can be stressful at times since so many key details are put into place. The couple says they have so many decisions to make including where to have the wedding, their color scheme, what to offer at the reception, and so much more.

“We want something elegant but not too over the top fancy for our wedding,” said Twale.

The couple definitely wants to add their own style and touches to their big day. Twale and Keteles both share a love for the colors purple and silver and definitely want to incorporate those colors at their wedding ceremony and reception.

They do not want to have a huge wedding, but just enough people, primarily family and good friends, to have a great time and celebrate the start of their lives together.

“We can’t wait to officially solidify our forever together,” said Keteles.