Cal U Together Apart: Virtual resources and calendar of events, courtesy of Student Affairs. (May 1, 2020 edition)


Jeff Helsel

The 12-foot-tall statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and California University of Pennsylvania’s mascot, in the Quad at the center of campus, April 27, 2020.

Student Affairs

The weekend is almost here! What better way to keep it off than with some wellness activities!


Virtual Group Fitness

Herron Recreation and Fitness Center


Mindfulness Mondays

Mon, May 4 | 12pm-1pm | Zoom Meeting ID: 911 6264 6973

Do you seem to spend your days caught up in negative thought loops that don’t serve you well?  If you have a hard time breaking free, you are in good company.  Join us virtually in trying out a variety of brief meditations and guided relaxation exercises aimed at calming the mind and body.  This is open to all faculty, staff, and students.

If you have any questions, email Dawn Moeller ([email protected]) or Quiana Golphin ([email protected]).

Houla Entertainment launches “Finals Music Festivals”

Houla Entertainment has launched the first of several virtual festivals called “FINALS MUSIC FESTIVAL.” These festivals will host numerous extremely talented music acts, with a comedy hosts that will have you laughing through the festival! The first festival is scheduled for April 30, 2020 at 7:30 pm ET and will have several artists from The Voice and America’s Got Talent, as well as, ultra-talented, multi-instrumentalist, female artists that will amaze you. Each festival will take place on Thursdays at 7:30 pm ET on Twitch on Houla’s page:

Houla will be giving away cool prizes after each performance that you will love. You will need to RSVP to be in the drawing and you will need to be present to win. Please RSVP to [email protected].

A virtual “Finals Music Festival,” presented by Houla Entertainment, 7:30 p.m. on May 7, 2020


Virtual resources available to students

Cal U Counseling Center Services:

The Cal U Counseling Center therapists are offering distance counseling for ongoing clients who are currently living in Pennsylvania (or whose state allows out-of-state practitioners).  For other students, the therapists are offering brief consultations to help locate other resources.  Students can call 724-938-4056 to leave a message, or email the therapists:  [email protected]; [email protected]; or [email protected].  In case of emergency, call 9-1-1 or your county’s emergency number.   For more information, visit

The Student Association, Inc. (SAI)

SAI staff are working remotely from home.  We are available to answer questions via email.  Please email Nicole Arthur at [email protected] and she can direct your question to the appropriate staff member.


Tiny Goat Visits:! The Oregon Zoo has tiny goats that employees take for walks through the zoo so that the goats get exercise, and get to visit the other zoo animals (it’s educational as well, for those with children).


Virtual Bingo:

Virtual Hogwarts Escape Room:

Lindsey (Neon/Paint Social) –online activity: Facebook:

Paint Social: IGTV:

Paint Social:

15 Broadway Plays and Musicals you can watch from home:

Netflix Party – a new way to watch Netflix together for free:


Cal U podcast, “The Vulcan Nation,” available on Spotify.


Cal U Alumni Podcast on Spotify:

Cal Times FB:




Planet Fitness “Home Work-Ins”

Health & Wellness

Planet Fitness Work-Ins| Daily live streams at 7 p.m. |

Free Library of Planet Fitness Work-Ins –


Game Night

April 18, starting at 6 p.m.
Will be in the Computer Club discord,
Check out the open Game Rooms to hang out with friends and play some of your favorite games!






Greater Washington County Food Bank

Food Banks:

The Greater Washington County Food Bank ( is open and has increased operations. If you are out of work without pay, you are eligible to receive food sourced from the state and federal government from a food bank or food pantry in Pennsylvania. This includes service workers who are unable to get shifts or hourly wage employees of non-essential businesses that have voluntarily closed due to COVID-19 mitigation.

You will need to complete an application for supplemental food assistance, and signatures have been temporarily waived due to COVID-19. You will be asked to provide your household size and weekly income level as of the day you apply. Complete income guidelines can be found at Please call (724) 632 – 2190 x 107 to verbally complete your Application for Supplemental Food Assistance, or complete online on our sign-up page.

Fayette County Community Action Food Bank:

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank:

If you are needing food assistance outside of the areas listed above, please contact
Diane Hasbrouck at [email protected].

Fraternity/Sorority Life:

PhiredUp is providing free online resources:

Health and Wellness:

Allegheny Health Network: COVID-19 drive through virus testing information:

Internet Archive – Nonprofit library consisting of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.


Meetings and Podcasts:
Virtual meeting tips:

TEAMS also has some features that are helpful for video chatting or even instant messaging. The chat feature has been helpful for quick dialogue throughout the day with colleagues.
Here are two tutorials conference services has found helpful:


YouTube TEAMS instruction video:

Zoom Meeting Application and how to use the conferencing software.

Zoom meetings:

Email (web client) –

Office 365 Online


Online Library Resources:

Zoom background features using Canva: to jazz up your zoom meeting backgrounds.


Virtual workout classes includes a variety of fitness approaches so you can find the right option to stay healthy while staying home.

Recreation and Activities:

YMCA – Boot Camp Yoga – 60 FREE online classes. The classes are available at
No membership is needed to access the classes.

“Madden 20/FIFA 20 eSports Ladder Tournament on IMLeagues: “


Virtual Fitness

Popsugar Fitness:

Beginner Bodyweight Workout:

Fitness Bender:

Down Dog Fitness App: (completely free until 4/1 or free until 7/1 for students/teachers if you sign up with your school account)

Beginner Flexibility Routine:

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress:

Yoga for Beginners:

Peloton App: (free for 90 days)

MyFitnessPal Apps:

Virtual YMCA:

blogilates: (Full length pilates inspired workouts you can follow along at home)

Sarah’s Day: (Quick workouts designed to work up a sweat and burn fat)

Additional List of Free or Reduce Services:

Outdoor Recreation

Find the best place to hike near you:

Various Parks and Trails in Washington County: (Some parks may be closed as a precaution)

Various Parks and Trails in Fayette County: (Some parks may be closed as a precaution)

Venture Outdoors Walks:

David Hoffman
Route 40 Classic Diner in Grindstone, Pa. is offering take-out service due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Restaurants/Cooking at home:

Restaurant Phone Delivery Address
Campy’s Pizza 724.938.2700 y 153 Wood Street, California
Chuck Wagon 724.632.6679 n 680 National Pike W. Brownsville
Dairy Queen 724.938.7655 Doordash 250 Third Street, California
Fiddles Diner 724.785.2020 n 101 Bridge Street, Brownsville
Foster House II 724.929.7679 n One Cook Road, Belle Vernon
Georgios Subs 724.785.3500 y 751 High Street, Brownsville
Jake’s Pizza 724.929.9897 n 428 Broad Ave, Belle Vernon
Lagerheads 724.938.3470 n 100 Spring Street, Coal Center
Lil’ Joey’s Pizza 724.785.7700 y 420 Old National Pike, Brownsville
Little Bamboo Chinese 724.929.6899 n 311 Tri County Lane, Belle Vernon
Paci’s 724.785.7113 n 384 Old National Pike, Brownsville
Pepper Ronnie’s 724.785.7200 y 634 National Pike E., Brownsville
Pickers Pub 724.364.7001 n 101 High St. Street, Brownsville
Route 40 Classic 724.785.4000 n 6229 National Pike E., Grindstone
Rye’s Bar & Restaurant 724.785.8410 n 248 Old National Pike, Brownsville
Subway 724.938.8338 n 352 Third Street, California

From the Cal U Times:…ovid-19-outbreak/


Cooking at home:
Cheap, easy to make, easy to follow recipes with STEP by STEP instructions,

Eat well on $4/day free PDF cook book,


Volunteer Opportunities:
The Greater Washington County Food Bank is in need of volunteers to help with the demand across our area. Please sign up with them directly at  They will work with you once you sign up to provide detailed information (day, time, location, etc.).

All other volunteer opportunities will be listed on Timecounts.  Please visit for the most up to date information in our area. If you need assistance creating an account or finding opportunities, please contact VPSL at [email protected].

Register to vote.

Pennsylvania is now allowing registered voters to vote using a mail-in ballot.
This link will allow people to apply for either a mail in ballot, or to apply for an absentee ballot:


Online Absentee

You must be a registered voter to submit an application. You may check whether you are registered to vote in Pennsylvania using Find Voter Registration Status.

Please note, if you plan to vote using an absentee or mail-in ballot in the 2020 GENERAL PRIMARY held on 04/28/2020, your completed application must be received in the county office by 5:00 PM on 04/21/2020. The deadline to return your voted absentee or mail-in ballot is 8:00 PM on 04/28/2020.


  • If you’re a voter with a valid PA Driver’s License or PennDOT ID number, you may apply with this online form.
  • If you do not have one of these ID numbers, you will need to download a paper application and mail it to your County Board of Elections. Otherwise, you may visit your local county elections office.

Notice for Military and Overseas Voters: When applying for an absentee ballot, use the federal form.

NOTE: You must apply for an absentee or mail-in ballot for each election, unless you qualify for and request permanent status to vote by mail-in ballot.

Worship/Religious Services:

Cal U STAND Wednesday Night
A time of encouragement from God’s Word, interviews and a little bit of fun!
9 p.m. Every Wednesday Night
Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 836 678 434
or Instagram Live @standcalu

Group Discussion on the Bible
4 p.m. Tuesdays
Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 231 460 075

To talk or video chat with Cal U’s Campus Minister, please contact:
Pete Ware
Campus Minister
California University of PA
CCO partnered with the STAND Ministry Council
cell 215-880-5872

CAL U Catholic with Meghan Larsen-Reidy
Virtual book group.  To join this group email [email protected] to get a physical book.
Zoom meetings will be scheduled to discuss the book.
A live rosary will happen every Wednesday, visit Instagram: @calucatholic to participate.

Cal U New Life

Students can get the latest information about New Life meetings/Bible studies/etc. by our Instagram (@newlifecalu) or by signing up for our email list (email Lizz Buchanan at [email protected]  to be added to the list).

Online religious services is Western PA:

St. Peter in Brownsville is offering a livestream a live church service every Sunday at 11am on Facebook.

St. Peter in Brownsville is offering a livestream on Facebook of the worldwide Rosary today at 4pm, Stations of the Cross this Friday at 7pm, and live church service every Sunday at 11am on Facebook.