The Masked Singer: Who’s Behind the Mask?


Tom Caton, Entertainment Editor

There is a new television series airing on Fox this winter season. This show involves celebrities and elaborate disguises. “The Masked Singer” is not one of your typical singing competitions. Some of the performers are Grammy winners, Emmy winners, famous athletes, comedians, and other star-studded celebrities. However, the only catch about the show, you do not know who is hiding behind the mask. The singers who are battling it out on the stage are completely disguised from head to toe in some of the most eye-catching costumes ever seen before. “The Masked Singer” is based on the South Korean format “King of Masked Singer.”

The show is hosted by Nick Cannon and he is accompanied by a panel of celebrity judges including Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ken Jeong. Like stated above, the performer’s identities are top secret. After each performance, the host, the panel of judges, and audiences in attendance and at home are all trying to figure out who is really hiding behind that mask. The singers may attempt to throw off the crowd, but keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show.After two celebrities face off, the audience place their votes on which performer they enjoyed more. The performer with the fewer number of votes is then placed in jeopardy and might have to reveal their true identity at the end of the show.

There were twelve performers when the competition began, and after every week, one performer is eliminated. The performers go by stage names: Alien, Bee, Lion, Monster, Peacock, Rabbit, Raven, Unicorn, Poodle, Deer, Pineapple, and Hippo. So far, the Poodle, Deer, Pineapple, and Hippo have been eliminated from competition. (For those who are not up to date with the episodes, I will be announcing which celebrities were hiding behind those masks, so SPOILER ALERT AHEAD). In the first week of competition, the Hippo was eliminated. Nonetheless, hiding behind the mask was Antonio Brown, wide receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Next week, the Pineapple was second to leave. Comedian Tommy Chong hid behind that mask. During the third week of competition, the Deer was eliminated and forced to reveal their true identity. Hiding behind the antlers was NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. For those who may not know, Terry Bradshaw also played for the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the 1970’s. Then during last week’s competition, the Poodle lost and was asked to take of their mask. Hiding behind that fluffy poodle hair was comedian Margaret Cho. This still leaves eight competitors left in the entire competition. Just for fun, the judges are awarded points if they are able to correctly guess who the masked singer was.

So as you can see, “The Masked Singer” is definitely not your typical singing competition. If you watch the show, you will have to guess who the masked singer is based off the clues given throughout the show and by the sound of the singer’s voice. The competition continues, so be sure to tune into the “Masked Singer” every Wednesday night at 9:00PM on Fox!