Why Grad School is Important

Veonna King, Contributor

On Nov 6 in the Natali Student Center in rooms 206 and 20,7 there was a new event being hosted. It was called, “why is graduate school is important?”  During this program, they take you through a vary of questions and answers you may have about graduate school. One of the women responsible for this program is Nikki Popielarcheck.  For example, did you know that you can take graduate classes and not be a graduate yet? The answer was yes. It does depend on your GPA and your major as well, but it may be an option for some.

The program had given things such as pamphlets and folders. In the folders the had it had finical aid information, pens, and a pamphlet listing further opportunities and options on campus. Opportunities including scholarships, different majors, billing information, and countless accolades. In this event there were pizza and other refreshments to accommodate students that attended.

When asked what was purpose of this event, “we wanted to talk to our current students about graduate school. Then was followed up with, what do you think would be the effects of this program? Ms. Popielarcheck had said “hopefully more students talk about the graduate program that we offer, and there other students and friends about what we can offer here at Cal.”

The main purpose of this event is to inform students that they have options. The expected amount was supposed to be about 25 and about 20 showed. An over half were required by their teacher to show to up. I think the most important part is to get events like this more advertised. Things like this are essential to being successful in college and life in general.