Michael Myers still Scaring Audiences 40 Years Later


Tom Caton, Staff Writer

*This article includes important plot points…SPOILER ALERT*

Halloween, a holiday loved by some people and hated by others, especially Laurie Strode. Now, during the fortieth anniversary of the original film, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers return to the film screen to finally settle their differences in a brand new installment of “Halloween.”

The very first “Halloween” movie, starring Michael Myers, first hit theaters back in October 1978. Fans have been following the plot line of Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis for the last four decades and when this new Halloween movie arose, fans went absolutely berserk.

This new Halloween movie is the eleventh installment in the Halloween series. A new Halloween movie was released at least once every decade since the original film premiered in 1978. Four installments were released in the 1980’s, two more installments were released in the 1990’s, and three more installments films were released in the 2000’s. The newly released Halloween film has some mixed emotions from audiences. Let’s investigate how Michael Myers terrified audiences in this new film.

The film heads back to where it all started forty years ago in Haddonfield, Illinois. Two journalists, Aaron Korey and Dana Haines, travel to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to interview Michael Myers, who was captured after Dr. Samuel Loomis shot him off of the Doyle house balcony at the end of the movie. The two journalists leave Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and drive to Laurie’s house, a heavily fortified and decrepit homestead, and bribe her for an interview, which she reluctantly accepts. Laurie has spent the last forty years dealing with post-traumatic stress and preparing for Michael’s inevitable return. Her feelings have resulted in two failed marriages

and losing custody of her daughter Karen at a young age. Aaron and Dana tell Laurie their interest in finding out why Michael committed the murders in 1978 and ask her to meet with him in a final attempt to get him to speak before he’s transferred to a maximum security prison. Laurie kicks them out of her house, but not before taking the money they offered.

On Halloween night, Michael wanders a populated street in Haddonfield, littered with families and children trick-or-treating. Michael then fetches his favorite and most popular weapon of choice, a large kitchen knife. Throughout the film, Michael murders just about anyone he comes into contact with. He is always not too far behind Laurie and her gang.

Near the end of the film, Laurie flips a switch and metal bars spring into place, barricading the exit and trapping Michael in the safe room as it fills with gas. Laurie lights a flare and tosses it through the bars, setting the room ablaze with Michael in it. Laurie, Karen, and Allyson escape as the house is engulfed in flames and hitch a ride in the back of a pickup truck coming down the road. The three women embrace as they’re taken to safety.

The film may be over, but one question still remains in the audience’s minds… “Is Michael Myers still alive?” Audiences are wondering if another installment of “Halloween” is to come along sometime in the future. But as of right now, keep an eye out for Michael Myers.