Tips on how to escape the summertime boredom blues


Tom Caton, Staff Writer

The end of the academic is year is approaching us and it means a few things.

First off, summer is right around the corner, which has students very excited. But along with summer comes boredom. With that being said, allow me to give some helpful tips so you can beat and escape the summertime boredom blues!

Once summer arrives, we completely forget about due dates, assignments and other projects. Things can get boring quickly.

However, being college students, most of us do not have a lot of money to go out and splurge on eating out, vacationing every other week or shopping whenever we get the chance. These forms of summer entertainment are not always accessible to college students.

In the summer, it can very hot fast.

A great way to beat the heat is by cooling down with water by taking a dip in a swimming pool, the ocean, have a water balloon fight or even run through a fountain! Any way involving water will keep you cool!

Another way to avoid boredom is by meeting up with friends, especially old friend you have not seen in a while. Contact some old high school friends and get together. It is always nice to see someone you rarely see and it keeps your friendship strong.

Do you really know what exists in your hometown? If not, a very exciting thing to do this summer is by pretending you are a tourist in your hometown.

Every city and almost every town has something that people go there to visit, yet most of the locals never do those things. They are usually inexpensive or even free, and you can find out about them on your city or state’s website. (Bonus points if you rock a fanny pack or have people take photos of you and your friends throwing up the peace sign at every attraction.)

One of the most exciting things you can look forward to this summer is to go Geocaching. If you do not know what Geocaching is, it is basically going on a treasure hunt using GPS. You can log onto and enter your zip code to find little treasures that people have hidden in the area.

Once you locate their treasure, you replace it with a new treasure and write about your experience on the website. It is a really neat thing to do!

These are just a few tips to ensure your summer will be full of excitement rather than boredom. You can really do  –anything you want to this summer; it’s up to you — do not allow me to limit your options.

Summer is the time of year when we get to unwind and have fun.

With summer right around the corner, take these tips and have a great time!