New season, new health fair for Cal U students


Rachael McKriger

Member of S.A.B. take part in the Cal U Health Fair.

Melissa Petruzzi, Staff Writer

The Convocation Center at California University of Pennsylvania was buzzing with activity as students, faculty and the community gathered for the 30th Annual Health Fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m Wednesday.

The health fair was organized by Cal U’s Health Education Awareness Resources Team (H.E.A.R.T).

Bryant Harper is the president of H.E.A.R.T.

“H.E.A.R.T is a student run organization focused on promoting health and wellness on campus,” said Harper. “Our mission is to promote the holistic concept of a healthful lifestyle to the campus community through health promotion and disease prevention programs. We provide programs and resources to aid the students with their health.”

The health fair had approximately 65 booths set up for students to peruse, including Army recruiters, beauty company representatives, chiropractors, hospice care professionals, sex educators, and more. The booths offered free samples, educational materials and many had activities.

In addition to the booths and activities, Central Blood Bank was on campus for a blood drive, and STD testing was available to students.

Mary-Wren Ritchie, a sex educator, was running the Planned Parenthood booth.

“I’m here today doing a sexual health jeopardy game…and I have a station where I can show people how to put on a condom, and I have voter registration, too, so a lot going on,” Ritchie said.

Another organization in attendance was the Allegheny Health Network. Their booth had Mario Kart drunk driving simulation. This involved students putting on goggles that would impair their vision as if they were drunk.

Brianna Clifford, a student who attended the health fair, said she took a liking to the simulation.

“I really enjoyed the drunk driving Mario Kart,” said Clifford. “I really had to concentrate on where I was going, and I did keep pressing my brakes, so that tells me how hard it would be to actually drive drunk.”

RaeAnn Firek, the treasurer of H.E.A.R.T, discussed the success of the health fair as a whole.

“The health fair was more successful than I would have predicted because, knowing from experience with a different club, I’ve noticed it is hard to get college students involved in campus activities,” said Firek.

“We had around 65 vendors and there was something for everyone to enjoy there. What I enjoyed most is seeing students, staff, and community members from all age groups and backgrounds come and enjoy their time there.”

“This event is something that brings people together every year, and has for 30 years now.”