Album of the Week: P!nk Trustfall

P!nk releases everything she’s been holding back in her new album Trustfall


Sarah Seader

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Pop rock and R&B songwriter P!nk released a new album on Feb. 17, titled Trustfall

This is P!nk’s first full album since her Hurts 2B Human album in 2019. During that time, she announced on stage at the CMA awards that she decided to take some time away from the spotlight to focus on herself and her family at home. 

In 2021, she lost her father to prostate cancer while battling her own health problems. She also had to manage her son’s illness.

Trustfall features 13 songs that depict P!nk’s life during this period and shows her way of coping with the challenges she faced.

“When I get there” is the first song on the album. The song is set up as a message to her father about her joining him in heaven, with lines like “Are you up there climbing trees, singing melodies?” and “I know you’ll tell me when I get there.” She asks her father what heaven is like for him.

The songs throughout the album give the message of letting go, feeling free, and finding a safe space.

The second song on the album is “Trustfall,” titled after the album. As she sings, “close your eyes and leave it all behind,” it’s hard to not notice that she’s releasing everything that she’s held inside during her break from producing music. 

Trustfall is an album that offers some slow and melancholy songs, as well as upbeat dance-worthy music that are mostly from the pop-rock and Americana genres.

This album involves a few collaborations with different artists. For instance, “Long Way to Go,” one of the slower songs, features the band the Lumineers. 

“Never Gonna Not Dance Again” is a very upbeat piece that balances the slow songs. P!NK wrote this song as a single before creating the final album, and its earlier release makes it one of the most played songs on the radio from this album.

This album is P!nk’s safe space and I would rate it an 8/10, as it’s evident she spent a lot of time perfecting each song to describe the way she feels. I would recommend the album to anyone who prefers soft, upbeat music, as well as songs that pull the heartstrings.