Sommelier Performed Live on Campus

The Underground hosted a performance for Pittsburgh based group, Sommelier, last week in the Natali Student Center.


Claire Rothermel

Sommelier performed live at The Underground on Thursday, Mar. 16

Makayla McNett, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Mar. 16 Sommelier performed a live show on campus to kick off St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. The show started at 9:00 p.m and was held as a part of the St. Patrick’s Open Mic Night, hosted by The Underground and Cal’s Rainbow Alliance. 

Before the performance, students had the opportunity to perform music of their own. The Cal Rainbow Alliance provided ceramic rainbows to paint. This event allowed students an opportunity to appreciate music from various voices on campus, as well as hear from a local group.

Sommelier performed songs from their various EP’s under the title’s “Don’t Express Yourself,” “Survivalist,” and “Alt Weakly.” Those in the audience also were able to hear some new songs that they have yet to release officially. 

The songs included in the setlist for the show were: “A Furnace”, “Alt Weakly”, “My Hypocrisy”, “Idiot”, “Killing the Au Pair”, “Survivalist”, “It’s Nature”, “Live A Little”, “Don’t Express Yourself”, and “Cicero Denounces Cataline”. 

A video of the band’s live performance of their single “Survivalist” can be found on Sommelier’s YouTube channel here, for anyone who might have missed the show. 

Thank you to The Underground at PennWest California for having us,” Sommelier collectively said, regarding their experience at PennWest. “You were a very welcoming group, and we hope our proceedings provided an apt start to your St. Patrick’s weekend.”

Sommelier will be performing live next Saturday, Apr. 1 at The Black Lodge in Pittsburgh, more details can be found on their website. Their track “Killing the Au Pair (Requiem Witch remix)” will be released on Spotify and Apple Music Friday, Mar. 31, and is currently available for preorder.