PennWest Celebrates Black History Month

A brief recap of the past, present, and future

Black History Month Events hosted by PennWest


Black History Month Events hosted by PennWest

Hannah Kurtzhal, Staff Writer

February is Black History Month and 2023 has kicked off with four virtual sessions for all PennWest Students available through Zoom.

The first event for February happened on the 8th at 3 pm, A Journey of Black Leaders in Higher Ed. The second session will be held on the 15th of February at 3 pm. This session is called Red Table Talk – African American Faculty and Academic Freedom. Dr. Michelle Torregano, an associate professor in the Early Childhood and  Elementary Education Department, here at PennWest California, will be moderating the Faculty panel.

For anyone who is interested in joining, use this link.

There will be two more sessions this month. The next one occurs on the 22nd at 3 pm and is called Black Excellence:  Remembering Black Wall Street through the Lens of African-American Entrepreneurs. This discussion will be a panel of PennWest faculty, alumni, students, and community members. The panel will discuss the history of America’s Black Wall Street and the influence of Black entrepreneurs. You can find out more about who is included on the panel on the page. For those who are interested, here is the Zoom link.

Last, but certainly not least is a session happening on the 28th of February at 6 pm. This will be a discussion to inform students about the challenges that other students face because of their marginalized identities. One of the students who attends the PennWest California campus who will be involved on the panel is Savannah L. Dorsey. 

For anyone who is interested in attending the event, use this link.