The 2022-23 Season with Rajah Fink

A Look At Senior Rajah Fink


Morgan Hughes

Senior, Rajah Fink

Stephen Yaniga, Staff Writer

The Vulcan women’s basketball team has started the 2022-23 season strong with four wins and only one loss so far. The team welcomes new players this season, one of those players is senior Rajah Fink who transferred to Penn West California from IUP this year.

“It has been welcoming here in California, I feel mentally stronger and confident with my game,” said Fink.

Fink is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but went to high school in Dover Pennsylvania. She came from an athletic family where both her parents and siblings played a variety of sports, but her sister who plays basketball for Westchester was the one who got her into the sport.

“I cherish every minute I have playing with my sister,” said Fink.

The change in colleges has also helped develop her game as a player and a person.

“I felt stagnant at IUP, and just from being here for a couple months I can tell I’ve grown as a player,” said Fink.

The team stays prepared for the season by taking every game seriously, no matter who they are playing. Practices are also important and every practice the team brings a high intensity of energy.

“We make mistakes like every team, but we make up for it by putting in the hard work. I honestly have never seen a team work so hard,” said Fink.

Communication is important for every team, and this team understands this and makes sure to communicate as teammates and coaches.

“There is a level of respect with the players and the coaches and that helps us communicate,” said Fink.

Being a Senior on the team, Fink finds it important to inspire and learn from her mistakes, so others don’t make the same ones. The team continues to work hard to perform their best for the rest of the season.

“Being consistent when it comes to our effort will help us succeed this season,” said Fink.

“Fink has speculated after she graduates that she will go overseas and play for other countries. Till then, she continues to look at the game with determination and enjoyment as she heads for the future.

“The team and family aspect of the sport is really what makes it all worth it,” said Fink.