Tuition Discount

PA employees receive discount on tuition


Austin Loring, Staff Writer

Pennsylvania Western University is now accepting applications for a newly launched program that gives Commonwealth of Pennsylvania state employees a 20% discounted rate on tuition.

The program which was announced on Oct. 27, 2022, is for state employees looking to further their education through the PennWest Global Online campus.

Erinn Lake, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Student Services, and Global Innovation at PennWest Edinboro.

“This opportunity is exclusive to PennWest and our online programs,” Lake said.

The discounted tuition will apply to 150 undergraduate and graduate programs that are offered through the PennWest Global Online campus.

Dana Turcic, Executive Staff Assistant of Student Services, and Global Innovation at PennWest Edinboro, said this partnership resulted from discussions between PennWest leadership and PASSHE Leadership who, in turn, had connections with the Governor’s Office.

Spring 2023 will be the first semester that state employees can apply to receive the discounted rate.

“Applicants can find information on if they are eligible and what programs are available at,” Lake said.

According to officials at PennWest and the Governor’s Office, this program is designed to increase the access to higher education that is more affordable, as this covers one of PennWest’s biggest goals and priorities.

According to Lake, this program is not available to students working on campus.

“No, those eligible would need to be an employee of the Commonwealth of PA agencies outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding,” Lake said. “PASSHE is not one of those eligible agencies.”

A list of agencies that are accepted under this program are all identified and listed in the Memorandum of Understanding so state employees can see if they are eligible before applying for admission.

“Then they must apply for admission and meet the requirements for their prospective program,” Turcic said.

State employees interested can visit for more information on the program and the steps to get the application process started.