The Upcoming 2022-23 Basketball Season with Senior Zyan Collins

A look at Senior Zyan Collins


Jeff Helsel

Senior Zyan Collins

Stephen Yaniga, Staff Writer

The Vulcan men’s basketball team kickoff the start of their 2022-23 season with two games this Friday, Nov. 11, and this Saturday, Nov. 12. The team heads into the season with Senior Zyan Collins who will be returning for his fourth season playing for California. 

“The team is prepared this year and did it by getting extra work in outside of practice whether it is using the shooting machine or conditioning,” said Collins. 

Collins is originally from South Riding, Virginia and is currently getting his graduate degree in Sports Management at PennWest. He came from a basketball family where his father, brother, and sister were all a part of the sport. Collins was influenced to play the game being the youngest of his siblings. 

“We take sports like basketball seriously from where I am from,” said Collins. 

Collins’s game has developed a lot since he was a freshman. He has been able to work on his shooting and gain beneficial muscle mass for his defense. 

“I’m a downhill player, and draw multiple defenders on offensive and defense,” said Collin. 

The team has been working to be prepared for the upcoming season by locking in and focusing on the goals they have for the season. Collins has stepped up to the role of team leader. Paying attention to detail during games and communication is key when it comes to the sport. Collins believes he and his teammates have a solid communication system. 

“I get my teammates to understand what I am thinking, but also at the same time understand what they are thinking. I try to help give them knowledge and be a vocal leader for the team,” said Collins. 

Last season Collins hit a milestone of 1,000 points and is proud of this accomplishment along with other accomplishments he has made in the past. He continues to be appreciative and ambitious for the game this upcoming season. 

“It’s perfecting art because the game is a craft, and being creative helps improve your game,” said Collins.