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App gives new means of organization to students during PennWest merger


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Corq/Engage Instructions

Maggie Hay, Staff Writer

As PennWest University continues to establish a uniform school system during the integration between California University of Pennsylvania, Clarion University, and Edinboro University, staff members and administrators have chosen to use the Corq App, also known as Engage, to promote events and track service hours of students.

Brian Hoover, the associate director of student engagement at PennWest, said Engage seems to be at the cutting edge of these types of organizational management systems and currently are the best at what they do.

The Corq App is available to all PennWest University students and students can join groups/clubs on the app that they belong to. Once a student joins a group on the app, they will be notified of upcoming events and programs that their club is hosting.

Hoover said the benefits of students having the app include advertising events on campus, finding events on campus while using filters to easily find what they are looking for, organizing their club rosters and activities, creating forms, elections, and campus voting, searching for information about clubs or members, and for storing club constitutions and meeting minutes.

Students can RSVP to events to notify their advisors or club executive board of their attendance. Being able to RSVP is a feature that organizations are just now becoming familiar with since the integration.

Tenley Hughes, Marketing major and Alpha Lambda Delta President, said what they like most about the app is that you can RSVP.

“This is very helpful when purchasing supplies, seeing if the event will pique the student’s interest, and it gives us a good gauge of what to expect when planning it,” Hughes said.

Since PennWest has three campuses, users are able to filter between the three so they can quickly find the events taking place on their home campus.

Cassidy McCormick, an Elementary Education major, said she has really enjoyed having a simple layout showing the schedule of events on campus.

“It has helped me reach out and go to new events that I might not have heard about before using the app,” said McCormick.

Another feature of the Corq app is that each user gets their own individualized QR code, known as an Event Pass, so hosts can easily scan someone into an event and document their attendance.

Carrie Schubert, the Associate Director of Student Development, said that although she was originally concerned about having to check in hundreds of students into one event, she learned that it was very quick and easy when using the Event Pass at an event during Homecoming week.

If a student is not invited to an organization via email or the app, they can browse all the clubs and organizations to access the group, and then be notified of upcoming events.

Students can filter the organizations by campus, including the PennWest Global Online Program.

“I would highly encourage students to get the app,” Schubert said. “It will be the staple moving forward for students to join groups, scan into events, and track service hours. The sooner students download and get familiar with the app, the better for this transition.”