Call of Duty: Remastered

Highly anticipated Call of Duty remastered launch last Friday


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Andrew White, Staff Writer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released this past Friday, and gamers of all ages have shown their excitement.

The anticipation involved around the newly remastered Call of Duty has sparked the gaming community to rejoice, as it will be based off of a video game first released in 2009, one of the most popular online video games of all time.

Activision, the company behind the creation of these games, has reason to be hopeful following the recent beta, as it was the biggest in franchise history, both in terms of player count and hours played. It’s quite the expectation to live up to.

Nick Pryor, a student at PennWest California, said he couldn’t wait man.

“Last time this game came out, I was like 10 years old, sleeping outside of a GameStop, waiting in line with my dad for the overnight release,” Pryor said. “Now they’re remastering that exact game, and I couldn’t be more excited to play it. I’m staying up all weekend.”

Pryor, 23, also mentioned that he was excited to see the advancements that came along with the newer technology involved in the making of these games, and what key differences are going to be more noticeable.

“I just hope it’s not a letdown,” Pryor said. “As excited as I am, I really am trying not to get my hopes up too much, because they’ve let us down in the past.”

Following the underwhelming performance of Call of Duty: Vanguard last year, Activision is hoping to reinvigorate the Call of Duty fanbase with this new release of Modern Warfare 2, a return to Infinity Ward’s fan-favorite game of the bunch. Many people were expecting this new game to be just as good, if not better, considering we’re over a decade further with technology and advancements needed to touch up the corners of any video game.

Kyle Everett, 44, an air technician for Washington County said, “this is like a dream come true.”

“I love Call of Duty but they’ve sure been sucking lately with their newer games in the years between,” Everett said. “The last game I remember truly enjoying was Modern Warfare 2 back in the day. Nothing will ever touch that game, but that’s not gonna stop me from playing this new one from the minute I’m off work Friday til Monday morning when I go back.”

The game released at exactly midnight EST on Friday, Oct. 28, and it should be a lot different than it was back in 2009 when the original game dropped. There was no waiting outside of stores for them to open, there’s not a limited number of copies to go around, and it makes no difference as to what gaming console is used to play the game. The game became available for download on PlayStations, Xboxs, and Computers instantly, making it easily accessible for anyone wanting to play.

“If this game’s anything like the old one, you’ll know where to find me for the next couple months,” Pryor said. “Nothing quite like a new game to play.”

There are both a single-player campaign and online multiplayer, with other features such as Special Ops and ranked modes being added down the road. They also offered early-access campaign missions to anyone who pre-ordered the game on Oct. 20, but many have been left disappointed when the start time arrived.

There had been reports of longer loading times, laggy servers, and choppy graphics in the early-access feedback reports throughout the first week, raising eyebrows surrounding the release date on Friday.

“I feel like that’s a given with any game though,” Everett said. “Most games aren’t sure what issues they’ll face until they release it to the public and receive feedback. I don’t expect this game to be perfect right away but I know with time, they’ll get it right. They have to.”

The original Modern Warfare 2, released back in 2009, was the most pre-ordered video game in history, and this new version is right up there with-it numbers wise, proving the excitement surrounding the release.

The price for Modern Warfare 2 is $69.99 at launch, with a Deluxe Edition being offered for $99.99, which includes the Season 1 Battle Pass and cosmetic items, such as gun camos and outfits.