Bingo Night with Pretzels

Bingo game kicks off Homecoming week

Chris Girardi, Staff Writer

Students gathered at Natali to participate in bingo night as it marked the beginning of a weeklong of Homecoming events.

Bingo Night was held in the performance center and began at 7:30 p.m.

Melissa Dunn, director of student development, said it’s a traditional event that has been held for about ten years.

The games were split into 10 rounds and the winner of each round was rewarded with cash prizes of $100 per game. Refreshments of warmed pretzels with a choice of toppings including salt and melted cheese were laid out for students who participated.

While they promoted that ‘only students’ could play, Dunn clarified since bingo night was sponsored by the Student Association Inc. (SAI), it was only the students who could win.

“Anyone can play, it’s just the students that can win,” Dunn said.

Bingo night was promoted through the homecoming site for PennWest, as well as signs posted all over campus, student government social media accounts, and the TVs in the Student Center. Dani McCauley, a PennWest student, said she heard about it through Instagram.

“It’s my favorite activity and I think it’s a great way to start off Homecoming week,” McCauley said.