DJ Spotlight with Joelyn Gbusseh

Freshman sheds light on global issues and perspectives


Joelyn Gbusseh

Stephen Yaniga, Staff Writer

New WCAL radio show brings global issues and essential perspectives important to everyone around the world to raise discussion and awareness. 

College students have many of the same concerns when it comes to these topics. Joelyn Gbusseh, a Freshman at PennWest, understands the prominence of global issues in today’s world.

“It is important because they are global concerns that many nations face today,” Gbusseh said. 

Gbusseh hosts a radio show on WCAL this semester where she sheds light on topics that are a concern for many people. 

“Many students, not just in the PennWest community but in the United States, don’t know about sustainable development goals that everyone around the world is working for,” Gbusseh said.

Gbusseh is originally from Liberia and has been living in the U.S for about three years now and has yet to go back home. Coming to a new country, especially without her immediate family, was a difficult transition for Gbusseh. Eventually, as time went by, she was able to adapt to a new system that she made.

“Coming from my home country where I had my parents do everything for me, I had to make a system where I had to take responsibility for myself,” Gbusseh said.

Whether it’s comparing the U.S. educational system to other countries educational systems, talking about the United Nations assembly in New York, or challenges women have faced in education, Gbusseh covers all the topics that she and others find most important around the world.

“I do research on a topic and explain on the show what I’ve found, and also have people call in with their opinions sometimes,” Gbusseh said.

PennWest’s media community has helped Gbusseh adapt to the new challenges she faces while hosting her radio show.

“Everyone in the media suite has been supportive and always willing to teach you and help you out,” Gbusseh said.

Gbusseh’s interest in global issues stems from working with the youth, and there isn’t a group on campus she can go to discuss these particular topics. Her show is the best option because she feels she has to discuss her views.

“I have a responsibility every week to research a topic and present it, and it’s a good thing,” Gbusseh said. 

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