PennWest Pantry Provides a New Ordering System

The PennWest Pantry located in the Natali Student Center and in Vulcan Village now has an online ordering system for students to use.


PennWest California

PennWest Pantry in the Natali Student Center

Avery Abersold, Staff Writer

The PennWest Pantry, formally known as the CalU Cupboard, on the PennWest California campus is expanding accessibility as of September 8th, 2022 to even more students by creating an all-new online ordering system.

The university’s private food pantry has been up and running, helping local students for many years now. With the PennWest merger, the CalU Cupboard is now known as the PennWest Pantry, embracing the new name of the combined universities.

The pantry assists students by providing household necessities such as food, personal hygiene products, and even some academic supplies to support students in need, to create an atmosphere for students to thrive.

Diane Hasbrouck, the director of the Center for Volunteer Programs and Service Learning has been working to make the pantry more accessible for more students.

“With COVID, the relocation and donation options are needed more than ever,” Hasbrouck says. “Employment opportunities are limited during this time, many of our students struggle with multiple jobs, and expenses, and we want to be able to help them avoid food insecurity issues during this pandemic.”

The PennWest Pantry was previously located in the Natali Student Center next to the Volunteer Programs and Service Learning area on the first floor of the building past the book store and the Chic-fil-a express. This fall the pantry has a new temporary location in the off-campus student housing complex called Vulcan Village.

With the new location also comes advancements and more options on how to donate and submit product requests. As of this semester, due to Covid-19, there will be no in-person donations allowed but there is an amazon wishlist where students can request items and people in the community can help purchase them through the PennWest Pantry.

Students are now able to fill out a form and their items can be gathered for them and ready for pickup Monday-Wednesdays or by appointment.

Along with the new ordering system, the updated website also has helpful links to community resources, cost-effective recipes and tips, and other nutritional information.