DJ Spotlight with Hunter Garman

New freshman DJ, Hunter Garman, at WCAL, PennWest California’s radio station this semester.


Hunter Garman WCAL DJ.

Stephen Yaniga, Staff Writer

Hunter Garman, a Freshman majoring in Meteorology, hosts a new show on WCAL called, Reaper Remembers, playing the billboard top hits.

“On my show, I pick a certain year, and play the top Billboard songs, usually 25 to number 1, and play them in descending order,” said Garman.

Garman is from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and started DJing with his dad when he was 15 years old and has been doing it ever since.  Garman’s father has been DJing for over half his life and is one of the reasons Garman got his start.

“He always told me these cool stories, so one day I joined him DJing and we’ve been doing it together ever since,” said Garman.

Garman keeps a gradual transition from song to song and does not lose his consistent tempo throughout the show.  Comedy and sports are also in the show between songs to engage his listeners.

“Every 4 songs I put in a little bit of talking and always mention when I’m on the air the line for Chick-fil-A is virtually non-existent,” said Garman.

Though Garman has not collaborated with other DJs yet, he hopes to in the future. Going forward, he would like to expand and have people call in during the show.

“An artist I’ve been talking to a lot recently that is based out in South Dakota would love to call in and talk,” said Garman.

Garman enjoys serving as a DJ on campus and knows he will always have DJing to fall back on in the future. He hopes to see himself on a popular station like Wink 104, The River 97.3, or anywhere around Harrisburg.

“What I like about DJing is there’s always that person out there listening, maybe driving home from work and I give them a little bit of comedy or nostalgia and just make them feel better about their day,” said Garman.

Tune in to the “Reaper Remembers” on Fridays from 3-5.p.m on 91.9FM WCAL.