Scream Season 2022

Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park is back to haunt one’s night and fill it with screams.


Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park

Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park

Jonathan Sakaguchi, Sports Editor

The air is starting to cool, and the sounds of scary stories are starting to fill the air. With this on the walls the shadows start to grow, and monsters look for a scare. Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls start to creep from the dark. It must be that time of the year to return to “Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park.”

It’s that time of the year again as the Estate is back and is ready for frights, screams, and fun. With new attractions, more scares, and more fun, the Estate is set to open on September 15th at 7pm.

The Estate had this to say, “Between highly-anticipated releases such as Hocus Pocus 2, Rob Zombie’s The Munster sand Tim Burton’s Addams Family spinoff Wednesday, this coming Halloween Season is set to be one of the biggest in recent years for lovers of all things spooky.”

Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park, which opened in Uniontown in 2004, has grown from a small family business into a festival-sized park. This autumn, the park will be adding three brand-new attractions for the 2022 season, as well as a few other scary surprises. These additions include: Twisted Nightmare 3-D, a walk-through attraction that combines high-tech effects, horrifying, distorted clown characters, and Chroma depth 3D technology to produce a dizzying trip through a nightmarish funhouse, where not all is as it seems. The park commissioned custom Ultra-Violet-Reactive masks and costumes from special effects artists in Los Angeles, and even hired Pacific Northwest-based artist Dutch Bihary (as seen on the TV show SkinWars) to create custom airbrushed murals that react to the specific lighting used in the attraction.

“For 19 years, our customer base has asked for a greater concentration of clowns,” said Aidan Finnegan, Director of Marketing and one of the park’s designers. Finnegan said, “We personally felt that clowns were a bit overdone in Haunted Attractions, so if we were finally going to cater to the Coulrophobia’s, we’d have to pull it off in a very different way.” Finnegan says that the resulting attraction, and its subsequent storyline, go in a direction that other Clown Haunted Houses have not – assure list horror comedy, incorporating elements of H.P. Lovecraft, 80’s Sci-Fi Horror Movies, and character designs that would fit into films such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

“The clowns are terrifying and abundant, but the real ‘kicker’ is what’s really going on beneath the surface,” said Finnegan. The park began its 2022 operating season on Friday, September 9th. Also debuting at the park this year is a Mutant Paintball experience, as well as Stalker Hollow Corn Field, where visitors must survive encounters with Cryptids. The Park’s creative team has added new walk-through sections to their “fan favorite” attraction, The House, as well as a new interactive “flashlight” element. Visitors to the decrepit mansion will get to scream through a longer, more terrifying labyrinth than ever before.

Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park 2022 (Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park)

The park’s longest offering, however, has also been given an upgrade. Patrons brave enough to trek through the famed “Woods Trails “that gave the park its reputation in the 2000’s, will experience new sections of path, new effects, and several new scenes in “The Burial,” “Deadwoods,” and “Sin Creek.” We never rest in peace – since November, our team has been working full-time throughout the year to renovate our existing attractions and add the brand-new Twisted Nightmare 3D and Mutant Paintball,” says Jackie Loveall, owner, and founder of Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park.

The fun and frights does not stop after Halloween. Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park presents a yearly Haunted Christmas event, which was named by The Travel Channels one of theTop10 Scariest Christmas Haunted Houses in the Country. Haunted Valentine’s Weekend in February, and a Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre in March, also attracts thousands of horror fans outside the standard Fall offerings. The Scream Park will reopen on September 9th and will run weekend nights through November5th. Tickets can be purchased online or at the event.

The Estate looks forward to seeing you there. Can you survive the nightmare? We’ll see you there. IF you dare!