Prepare to Forge the Future with Strike a Spark

Students are encouraged to participate in the Strike a Spark Conference on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity on April 20.



Image captured by Sarah Seader.

Sarah Seader, Staff Writer

This will be hosted in-person at the Convocation Center with presentations and performances throughout the day. Cal U students can participate in a variety of categories including Poster Presentation, Paper/Oral Presentation, and Creative Work Exhibit. Students may participate online if they are unable to attend in person.

The Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and the Chair for the Department of Health and Human Service Professions Associate Professor of Social Work, Dr. Azadeh Block makes it a point to encourage all students to participate. “I hope that students who have passion for their field of study will create a poster or presentation and bring that passion to our campus community so that we can share in it and learn from their expertise,” said Block.

Molly Jenkins, an Instructor, Student Support Services, Advisor for Department of TRIO and Academic Success, said, “As someone who shares their work, it’s great for a student to teach others about something they’re passionate about.”

An Associate Professor of English, Early American Literature Department of Culture, Media, and Performance, Dr. Keat Murray, who is involved with the Strike a Spark committee discussed one of the takeaways for students that participate in Strike a Spark. Murray said, “A great benefit of the conference that participating students have noted is the sense of accomplishment they feel, after having invested so much time and energy in the projects they present at the conference.”

The annual Strike a Spark conference affords students in a variety of majors and fields of study the opportunity to highlight their research and creative works. In addition, the conference helps students speak with others in their intended career paths and gain valuable feedback. The conference also serves as a resume builder and one of the first research conferences for many students.

Dr. Robin Weaver, an Associate Professor, Department Chair/Global Online Coordinator, RN-BSN Program Department of Nursing & Allied Health, stressed the importance of Strike a Spark and stated it is “an opportunity for students to engage in scholarship by sharing their knowledge about research initiatives, quality initiatives, and creative expression, etc.” Weaver said, “Students are provided the experience of presenting their works at a professional conference. Sharing or presenting these works helps students develop communication, research, presentation, and performance skills.”

Interested students can start drafting their abstracts today and prepare them for submission. Regardless of one’s current major, students can share research from a class project, their current research project, or an independent project. Cal U’s annual Strike a Spark Conference is a place for creative individuals to come together and share their knowledge with those around them. 

Students wanting to participate in the conference can submit their proposals or abstracts until Wednesday, Apr. 6. When crafting an abstract for Strike a Spark, it should be a quick synopsis in 200 words or less, of what is going to be presented. If anyone has questions, they can find the answer, as well as the deadlines on the Strike a Spark website.