Why College Football is Better than the NFL


Matt Hagy, Sports Editor

When people think NFL, they think Sundays. That is the day the majority of the games are played on and it has been a tradition for sports fans to gather around the television or attend the games of their favorite teams to watch. However with the recent string of controversies that involve the NFL, the league is vastly becoming easy to hate.

With bad feelings rising with many against the NFL these same football fans turn to the other major football that is played in this country, college football. Yes the football that is played a day before the NFL on Saturday’s has surpassed interest over the NFL for many football fans and for good reasons. Do you see cheating scandals like a Deflategate in college football? No. Do you see the passion in NFL stadiums that these students show in their school’s stadium that can hold over 100,000 people in some? No. The excitement in college football is unprecedented to what the NFL has to offer for reasons like that.

Plus let us be honest, the NFL is becoming way too predictable. Every season the same teams eat up the spotlight like New England and Seattle and fans go in to the games knowing pretty much who will win. Where is the fun in that?  Every week in college football there are usually over a dozen upsets a week. No one knows what will happen or who will beat who because it’s a crazy circus every single week. That is what makes college football great. It is not a corporate-driven parity, it is a grand old mess and everyone loves it.

A knew postseason system has also changed the college football landscape for the better in the recent year and that was the installation of the College Football Playoff. The old BCS system was the thing creating controversy in college football with only two teams being selected for one game. Now, four teams are selected with two semifinal matchups and then the national championship game a week later. Last season, the College Football Playoff had a successful first run and left people on the edge of their seats going into the selection day in December. There were three teams fighting for one spot and with all the different cases made for each of these teams, no one had an idea who was getting in. Ohio State was selected and fueled the underdog role by upsetting both favorites Alabama and Oregon to win the National Championship.

Regardless how anyone felt about Ohio State winning the title, everyone went nuts with excitement because the games did not go according to plan. Sometimes chaos is the best because everyone will lose their minds. Along with the passion that goes along with the students taking pride in their schools teams, college football has traditions that the NFL does not. Traditions like the Tennessee Volunteers running through the “T” in Neyland Stadium when they come out of the tunnel, or Clemson players touching Howard’s Rock as they storm down the hill into their field dubbed as “Death Valley”, and who could forget Virginia Tech coming out to Metallica’s Enter Sandman blasting through Lane Stadium as they take the field. These traditions create magical environments that are not even close to being found in the NFL.

Along with the postseason excitement that has swung in the favor of college football, the regular season of the college football season runs unparalleled to the regular season of the NFL. One loss could derail a team’s season on the college level while if the Steelers lost a game in Week 3; it is not the end of the world. Maybe the best thing about college football is that Roger Goodell is not in charge of it.

Since taking over as NFL commissioner in 2006, Goodell could have not run the league into the ground more than he has. He has not handled players off the field troubles well and including major controversies involved with the Patriots Spygate and Deflategate. Fans and even his own players do not like Goodell and it is honestly a wonderful tradition at the NFL draft every year watching the fans boo Goodell every time he comes out to announce a pick.

Who could forget in 2011 when there was not almost a NFL season because of Goodell’s antics with the CBA? College football does not have contracts like that could threaten to cancel a season. Sure there have been scandals in college football like USC and Miami however, these scandals are normally contained and dealt with by the institution itself. Plus when the NCAA does need to get involved there is not much waiting around like how Goodell handles controversy.

The NFL has decent rivalries in the league. Anytime the Cowboys and Eagles or Steelers and Ravens face off, everyone will be watching. However these rivalry games do not have things like trophies or famous names for them like some in college do which makes the rivalries more heated. It is extremely fun to watch one of the teams charge over to the other team’s sideline to grab the trophy to take it back from them at the end of the game and some of these trophies have been around since the late 19th century. This brings us to the historical aspect of college football. Rutgers and Princeton faced off in the first college football game in history in 1869. Many big schools played their first games before the turn of the century while the NFL was not created until the 1920’s.

Do not get me wrong, I still watch the NFL and follow along but there is nothing like Saturday’s in the fall. Sit back all day and watch different games taking place in different parts of the country and watch the chaos unfold. For some of these kids the last time they will play organized football will be at their college. The emotions on senior day send these kids out as winners even if they do not make it in the NFL. That is the beauty of college football. No matter what you best believe the day of the week that I live for the most is a day on the weekend, and it is on Saturday.