Cal U and Mon Valley Hospital partner to offer COVID vaccination clinic on campus in November


Cal U’s Old Main building, July 1, 2019.

Katie Lowery, Contributor

A vaccination clinic will be held on November 19, 2021 for all California University of Pennsylvania students. The clinic will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Convocation Center. The vaccination clinic will be hosted by the Mon Valley Hospital, according to Ben Wise, Cal U’s COVID Coordinator.

Students can get either their first, second, or booster shot for COVID at the vaccination clinic. However, Pfizer will be the only vaccination type available, Wise said.

Students should bring an identification card and vaccination card if they have been previously vaccinated for COVID, Wise said.

Along with administering vaccines, Mon Valley will also provide educational information to students about vaccination, Wise said. Students can find additional information about COVID vaccination through the Center for Disease Control’s website.

Several students said that informing people about the vaccination process is as important as providing vaccinations.

I think it is important for schools to educate students about the pros and cons of vaccination,” Emilie Davis, a nursingstudent, said. “Schools bringing in speakers, providing accurate information, and showing the reasoning behind vaccinations can help students feel less intimidated and more comfortable with getting the vaccine.”

“If schools are going to be offering vaccinations, it is important they are educating students about the possible side effects of vaccination,” an anonymous student said. “Students should know what is going in their bodies.”

Davis said students should prepare for their vaccinations by researching on their own and factchecking information.

“If I were to give students advice, I’d say don’t be nervous and just do your own research.” Davis said. “I got vaccinated and I’m still alive.”

Being well hydrated and having over the counter pain relievers available are good ways to prepare for vaccination, Wise said.

Vaccination is important to help slow the spread of COVID and decrease the number of deaths, according to Davis.

“Getting vaccinated helps keep the world safe,” Davis said. “I was against the vaccination at first, but it was because I was just scared. I am going to be a nurse one day, and nobody deserves to be effected by a disease when it could have been prevented.”

Besides the vaccination clinic, Cal U is also offering free COVID testing at the health center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to help slow the spread, Wise said.

Students can sign up for the vaccination clinic by going into their student email, opening the email titled “Get your booster Nov 19th” that was sent by Brenda Depaoli, and following the attached link, according to Wise.