Office of Student Accounts seeks students to fill Work Study positions

On campus job opportunities are still available for students.


Emily Wilson, Contributor

The Office of Student Accounts at Cal U are seeking students to fill open positions at the departments office for work study.

The Director of Student Accounts, Jack Roger emphasizes that the office is very flexible when it comes to working with student and around scheduled classes.

“We ask students for access to their class schedule and base their Work Study schedule around their class schedule.” Roger’s said. “We’re very flexible and understanding to students who also have the responsibility of attending their classes. We’ve had students who come to the office to complete a few hours of Work Study before going to class and then returning back to the office when they’re finished with their studies.”

Students that wish to participate in Work Study will be required to work in the office for eight hours a week. These Work Study positions pay minimum wage per hour by law.

“We title these students as Student Workers.” Said Roger’s “The majority of the office work consists of customer service. We typically look for students with experience in customer service only because the job requires answering phones and dealing with other people. This can be hard for students who are on the shy side.”

June Smith who is a Junior in the Psychology program at CalU works in Eberly Hall to fulfill her Work Study requirements.

“I initially decided to do Work Study to fill in the breaks between my classes.” Smith said. “Since I commute I never had anything productive to do with my time between classes.

Work study has given me something that keeps me busy and I get paid for doing it while on campus.”

Work Study is only eight hours a week which gives students the opportunity to find time  in their schedule without interfering with their academic success.

Some of the work students can expect are answering phones, filling out data entries, and also gain insight on financial aid such as how students from low income families can receive help.

“Work study is also nice to have because some days not a lot of work needs done in the office.”  Smith said. I use my free time in Work Study to do my homework and work on assignments to get them done early. It’s very beneficial for me that the office I work in is in an environment that’s quiet and calm which helps me stay productive with both my Work Study job and class assignments.”

Students who are interested in Work Study positions can apply directly through the Handshake app or by sending a resume to @[email protected] or call The Office of Student Accounts at 724-938-4961 with any questions or concerns. Information regarding Work Study can also be found in the daily announcements.

“You learn a lot in this office.” Roger’s said. “ Students learn not only financial conditions but also economic conditions. These positions for Work Study provide students with a representation of how to effectively work in a Business office. Those who are interested in working in a field of counseling or psychology in the future will gain additional insight on what it’s like to work in customer service and what it’s like assisting other people.”