Cal U hosts event to help students prepare for scheduling Spring 2022 semester


Terry Carnathan

Students attend the Cal U Ready event in the Natali Student Center, Oct. 21, 2021

Katie Lowery, Contributor

Scheduling for the Spring 2022 semester begins on Nov. 1 at 7 a.m., and now is the time to start preparing.

The Cal U Scheduling Center hosted a Cal U Ready event to help students prepare for scheduling the upcoming semester. The event was held on the second floor of the Natali Student Center yesterday.

Cal U Ready is an event held with the goal of educating students on the registration process while also helping them overcome obstacles that may prevent them from scheduling for the next semester, according to Terry Carnathan, an academic counselor from Cal U.

“It’s an opportunity to introduce students to various resources that they can expect to use throughout their college career,” Carnathan said. “There is information and resources from many offices at the event, including the Scheduling Center, TRIO, the Housing Office, Academic Records, and more.”

Cal U Ready offered several games, giveaways, and prizes to students who wanted to learn more about the registration process, Carnathan said.

“I think events like these are super beneficial, especially for the newer students,” said Abby Cunningham, a Cal U graduate and Molecular Biology major at Cal. “Scheduling can be complicated and difficult to follow at first, but after a semester or two, you get the hang of it.”

Another student, Valerie Warren, said scheduling can be stressful, especially when something goes wrong, like the website crashing and having to go through a bunch of people to get the issues fixed.

If students need help while scheduling, Carnathan said students should contact the Scheduling Center, which is in Noss 211. He also said students should meet with their advisors before registration to map out which courses they want to take.

“When I need help with registration, I reach out to the Scheduling Center and my advisor,” Cunningham said. “Ask your advisors for help or reach out to people around you. It is important to have multiple eyes checking your schedule, so nothing gets overlooked.”

Olivia Dixon, a Communication Disorders major, said she always meets with her advisor before scheduling to make sure she takes the right courses at the right time for her major.

“I’ve heard multiple stories of students taking classes they either didn’t need or missing out on classes they should have taken when they had the chance,” Cunningham said.

Students should prepare for registration by meeting with their faculty advisor and checking when they can register, Carnathan said.

Students can find when they can schedule by signing into their VIP accounts and looking under “registration tools,” according to Carnathan.