Vulcan Village residents flock to paint and pot night


Vulcan Village

A night of painting and potting at the Vulcan Village clubhouse

Harleigh Wiesenbach, Contributor

There were more people than plants and pots available at senior Vulcan Village CA Courtney Meyer’s Paint and Pot Night on Oct. 5. There were 20 pots available for Vulcan Village residents to paint with acrylics, and 20 succulents placed outside the Vulcan Clubhouse for students to then plant in their painted pots.

“I didn’t expect such a good turnout,” Meyer admitted. “I didn’t think anyone would really wanna come. I’m surprised.”

As it was a first come, first serve event, only the first 20 residents received a pot and plant.

“The main goal is to get residents involved and allow them to have fun,” Meyer said.

Vulcan Village CAs are required to have one event once a month to get residents involved. For any event, Vulcan Village will buy the items necessary to run it, so CAs are not paying out of pocket. For this event, Meyers created a list with links for everything necessary, looking at reviews to find the best quality of items that also had the best quantity.

All Vulcan Village CA events are sent in an email to inform residents of what is happening and where.

Sophomore and Vulcan Village resident Molly Ferko said she would definitely come to another event like this one, though it depends on her availability and interest.

Hannah Bradley, another sophomore and Vulcan Village resident, also said she would come to another event like this one and has been to a couple others. Last semester, when there were movie nights, she would go every time there was one and hopes to see movie nights like that again at Vulcan Village. She also really enjoys the food trucks that come to Vulcan Village from time to time.

Bradley expressed that 4-6 pm was a good time to have this event, since with other events she usually has to work around her work study and classes.

Bayley Cooper, sophomore, came to support her fellow Vulcan Village CA. She goes to a lot of these events for this reason as well as the fact that she appreciates the other CAs coming to hers.

Cooper expressed that it’s fun to decorate a potted plant, and simple and easy for residents to do.

Cooper hosts Vulcan Village events such as a Dancing With the Stars Watch Night on Mondays, as well as having a second Knit Night and a Tarot Card Night planned.

There is still more planned at Vulcan Village, this time for Halloween. While the week itself is not yet decided, according to Meyer there will be a Halloween-themed week sometime around the holiday. This week will entail a different Halloween event each day. Vulcan Village residents should keep an eye on their emails for more information regarding this event in the future