Integration insights for students: Fast Facts


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Welcome to Integration Insights for Students, a monthly series to update you about plans for the Western Integration of Cal U, Clarion and Edinboro universities.

Students, you are a primary and critical group involved in the integration process. You are represented in the process through your elected representatives in student government, your student trustees and student members of various integration committees and advisory boards.


Here are some questions students are asking about integration.


What’s happening with integration now?

In July, the Board of Governors for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education voted unanimously to approve the integration of Cal U, Clarion and Edinboro in western Pennsylvania, and Bloomsburg, Mansfield and Lock Haven universities in the northeast. Now faculty, staff and students from these schools are working to implement the integration plans. The new integrated university will launch in Fall 2022.

Will my academic program change because of integration?

The curriculum for the integrated university will be phased in over the next three years. The new curriculum will capture the strengths of academic programs now offered across our three campuses, creating a single, unified curriculum. Phasing in these changes will ensure a smooth transition for students throughout their educational journey.

Will I need to change campuses? Will I still be able to graduate on schedule?

You will NOT need to change campuses. You may complete your program of study in your chosen discipline on the campus where you enrolled. And you can graduate on time. The transition to a new version of your academic program will NOT require additional credits that would extend the time required to complete your degree. Read this fact sheet to learn how the new curriculum will be phased in and what the transition means for students at all grade levels.

Will I graduate from Cal U or from the new university?

Students who complete their degree requirements by June 30, 2022, will receive a degree from their current university (California, Clarion, or Edinboro). Students who complete their degree requirements after that date will receive a degree from the new integrated university; your campus location will be reflected on your diploma.

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