The Medieval and Fencing Clubs are back in full swing

After a few weeks in limbo on their status, the Medieval and Fencing Clubs are operating back at full capacity with minimum struggle.


Jeff Helsel

Members of the Cal U Medieval and fencing club participated in the Club and Org Fair, August 2021.

Chris Giradi, Staff writer

For three semesters, Cal U has been at the mercy to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fall 2021 semester has been particularly challenging for many clubs as everyone is trying to uphold COVID safety regulations, such as vaccination cards and regular testing, to run everything at full capacity.

After the third week of classes, the joint clubs for Medieval and Fencing are fully active again.

 “Both clubs – especially fencing – are very much clubs that you get back what you put in. Fencing is a lot more exercise and works your core as well as your mind…fencing can be very strategic and chess-like.  Archery helps develop your arm strength a little and helps improve your focus,” said Club Advisor Cindy Speer. 

Safety is also a big factor that has taken very seriously, such as wearing protection while swinging swords at one another to simply social distancing the best they can. What is most astonishing is that nothing from the club had to be cut, not even some of the smaller activities such as sewing and drawing, as well as others. One of the club’s biggest attributes is teamwork, even in lending a hand in lesser amounts. Another one is having fun as a group. 

But, with our period costume and armor, we are loud and colorful, and can often be found at festivals and doing demos to help the university,” said Advisor Speer. 

They are even members of a worldwide non-profit reenactment organization called, Society for Creative Anachronism, to participate in competitions and tournaments on weekends. Such a hands-on and easy-going atmosphere is an opening to new forming friendships and stress relief. New members are always welcome. 

Meeting times: Tuesdays for archery at the tennis field at 5:30 p.m., Thursdays for fencing at Gallagher Hall on the second floor at 7:00 p.m. If anyone is interested in learning more, contact Club Advisor Cindy Speer at [email protected].

The Fencing and Medieval clubs plan to participate in Cal U’s Liberal Arts Day on Oct.5.