Cal U Activities; What freshman and transfer students cannot experience being at home


This semester, freshman and transfer students are seeing a different side of California University of Pennsylvania. They are missing out on all of the nonacademic aspects of college. Rather than exploring campus, trying new activities, and making new friends, they are at home, unaware of all the things to do on campus and around the university that students and faculty alike enjoying doing.

Daniel Lee, a senior graphics in multimedia student at Cal U, enjoys playing basketball and golfing with his friends, which he has not been able to do this semester due to COVID-19 and social distancing practices.

Lee said that there is a basketball court in California and multiple golf courses nearby.

“One in particular that I like is called Bill’s Golf Land,” Lee said.

Lee said he recommends that students go to the various events hosted in the gym, Herron Hall.

“Some new students may not know about the various activities the gym offers,” Lee said. “For example, they have a rock climbing wall, a swimming pool, cycling classes, a track, and two basketball courses. It’s a great way to meet new people.”

Lee also recommended that students go to the on-campus theatre. The times of showings are listed above the theatre and the movies being shown are listed online as well as on the chalkboard wall beside Modeco, which is on the second floor of the Natali Student Center.

Paige Long, a graduate student a CalU has also spent a few years on campus.

“I would recommend for new students to attend football games,” Long said. “They’re always a great time.”

Long also said she loves walking around campus and through town, especially when the season are changing because it’s a good time to talk and hang out with new friends and see what all is around. She said that Cedar Creek Park is a great place to walk around for anyone how may be interested in the outdoors.

Long also recommend multiple restaurants for students to try.

“Lagerheads is great and right off of campus,” Long said. “There also an Olive Garden in Uniontown, and La Eda’s in Monessen.”

Gloria Minutello, who works in the Convocation Center on campus, also enjoys several activities on campus.

“My favorite activities include the annual homecoming festivities because you get to catch up with friends you have not seen in a while, or, if you are a student, you get to make memories you will laugh about later,” Minutello said.

Minutello says she especially likes activities where she gets to see students making lasting memories, such as commencement.

An off campus activity that Minutello recommends is going to an event at the SAI farm, which is only a couple of minutes from campus as well as the rotary park on third street. An event that she recommends for new students is the drag show that the school hosts yearly.

“Right now, during COVID, the campus is very quiet,” Minutello said. “I have enjoyed walking around our campus to take in the nice weather but always with a mask and socially distant.”