WISE club hosts successful trivia night


Laura Miller

WISE group at the “Woman of Excellence” reception last fall.

Monday at 7 p.m. the Women in Sports and Events Club at California University of Pennsylvania hosted a trivia night.

The event was hosted over Zoom by Laura Miller, professor and program director of sports management studies and the advisor of the WISE Club. The purpose of the event was to provide students an outlet and have some fun with Halloween coming up.

“Dr. Miller wanted to do something fun and she hoped that this would help engage students not only in the sports management department but the university. Knowing that Zoom would be our platform, she wanted to make this an event that would allow students to meet one another and still be interactive,” said Denise Salters, Miller’s graduate assistant.

Salters helped plan the event and came up with the questions. Some of the questions asked included where the next Olympics were, when was the last full moon on Halloween, which Disney star played in Mean Girls, and what is three back to back strikes in bowling. Salters said she enjoyed helping out.

“This is my first semester at Cal U as a doctoral student, and it allowed me to get involved with the campus community. Even though I didn’t play, I was still able to participate and look forward to the next event,” said Salters.

A total of 10 people were at the event and were split up into five teams. The winning team received gift cards donated by the WISE Club.

“Me and my partner somehow won and I believe we get a gift card of some sort, so I am pretty happy about that,” said Pat Zack, freshman. “I had a lot of fun participating in it and will definitely be back when the next one occurs.”

Most of the students who attended said they would have gone even if the event was in person. Some said they would have also paid for it if the price wasn’t too high.

“I would love to do it again. I had a great time, and I believe other students would enjoy it too. It was a very unintimidating environment, which made it an all-around fun event,” said Shelbee McCann, freshman. McCann participated in the events and also helped set it up since she is part of the eBoard for the WISE Club.

Most students heard about the event in an email from Miller.

“Dr. Laura Miller had sent out an email, informing us about the event,” said Noah Wright, one of the students who attended.

Most students enjoyed the event since it allowed them to do something during this time of remote learning and social distancing. Salters said she hopes students will follow the Cal U announcements and attend events like this in the future.

“I truly feel that when you are involved in the campus community it opens up opportunities that you may not have thought of. It allows you to meet other students, network with professionals, or even find a mentor in a field that you hope to be in one day. Events such as these are a great way to de-stress and still be socially connected while socially distancing.”