Speaking to Club Presidents


Nicolette Tartler

Nicolette Tartler (middle), Member of SAB, hosting a Zoom meeting with other fellow SAB members

Every other Thursday at 5 p.m. Nicolette Tartler conducts a meeting for the Students Activity Board at California University of Pennsylvania. She is no longer walking into the Vulcan Theatre with the rest of the executive board but logging onto Zoom to see the faces of the SAB members.

SAB is an organization that puts on many events on campus such as bingo in the Natali Student Center, make your own bamboo plants, ice cream trucks, and design-your-own scrunchies. The club also hosts bigger events such as magicians, hypnotists, comedians, and has invited well-known artists to perform on campus every couple of semesters, such as Mike Stud and Jesse McCartney.

“Personally, I feel that there is less involvement this semester,” Tartler said, talking about the difference between meetings online and on campus

She also said it has been more difficult to hold meetings online, but that they are still holding projects every couple of weeks such as online game shows, custom street signs, and online comedian shows.

“In the future we are looking for an online concert,” she said.

The Japanese Animation Club also meets on Thursdays. The president, Serina Croyle, holds meetings for the club on a Discord server at 6 p.m.

The Japanese Animation Club is an organization that gets together to preview shows, play games, look at news from Japan, and watch two features throughout a semester, which includes one 12 episode show and one 24 episode show.

“Meetings online are not much different than when we were in person. I think that some members prefer us to do this online because they are a bit awkward around others and this way they can be in the comfort of their own home while enjoying something they love,” Croyle said.

Although she did express that when the club first held meetings at the beginning of the semester there were around 20 students showing up, which she described as “normal,” there are now usually only around 10 to 12.

“We are constantly working on games every week for our members to play during our weekly meetings. One of our members is currently working on making shirts for everyone,” she said.

The Sports Management club is another club at CalU, primarily for sports management students to meet people in the industry and gain practical experience. Members of the club attend networking events and work sporting events on campus. Club president Dawson Wright holds meetings “around every two weeks” at 11 a.m.

Although the club can still perform most of their activities online, Wright said that face to face meetings are preferred and holding “online meetings have certainly had their challenges.”

“I have noticed more involvement, mostly because the club hasn’t done much before, but I would guess if we were on campus, we would have even more involvement,” he said about student engagement.

The Sports Management club is currently working on a few different projects, including inviting guest speakers to talk at meetings and creating a website.

“I would just like to say that I am very proud of how the club has handled things through this semester,” Wright said. “Things have been very hard for students online, but I’m glad to see my peers bring the energy every time we meet.”