(VIDEO) WCAL’s new show “Tik Talk” premieres as DJ Kidney interviews indie band South End from San Diego


Ellie Johnson, WCAL

In this episode of “Tik Talk,” recorded Sept. 17, WCAL radio’s D.J. Kidney interviews indie band South End.  The San Diego natives reveal how they have used the popular video app TikTok to promote their music and also discuss future career plans.  Stay tuned to the end of the show for a performance of their single, “My Big Brother.”


About South End

Beginning as the humble high school project of San Diego natives Daniel Carr (lead guitarist) and Dylan Haynes (singer), South End has slowly developed an overly dedicated fanbase. Under the radar for most of their existence, the band saw the opportunity of stardom come about years after their start. Dylan and Daniel started South End with little intentions of what it would be. With the help of bassist Jimmy Bortree and guitarist Sebastian Oakes, the group produced not only two singles, “Time for a Walk” and “Industry” but also their self titled EP. The group went on to perform at local venues, including the House of Blues in San Diego. However, with graduation creeping upon them, they decided to take a hiatus on making music. The group had little contact with each other until the 2020 quarantine. Daniel and Dylan decided to get back together and record “DownAvalon”, a single that had been in the books for years. With the help of Tiktok and Instagram, Dylan helped promote the band to reach 3,000 monthly listeners in just a week’s time. The self titled EP that had barely been touched quickly developed a modest following, acquiring over 10,000 streams. The band anticipates an even better response to  “DownAvalon,” released on Aug. 28.

Website: https://southendofficial.wixsite.com/website

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ZBLYFSBEXRsRqpKEG03yS

Photo credit: https://southendofficial.wixsite.com/website