Cal U alumnae Michelle Senneway,’00, ’04, works with local outreach for those affected by COVID-19. (VIDEO: “Cal U Connections”)



Pandemic of Love

Cal Times

In this edition of CUTV’s “Cal U Connections,” host Gary Smith talks with Michelle Senneway, ’00, ’04, about the newly formed Pittsburgh chapter of “Pandemic of Love,” a national movement to help people in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (Program recorded on Thursday, April 23, 2020)

GET HELP/GIVE HELP: Local Outreach for Those Affected by COVID-19.

Newly launched Pittsburgh chapter of larger national movement aimed at connecting those in need with those able to help. Pandemic of Love Pittsburgh has been launched as an extension of a larger national/international mutual aid movement ( that started only five weeks ago and has already connected over 35,000 patrons with people in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just as this virus has spread rapidly, now too have extraordinary acts of kindness and love for neighbors in need. Volunteer operated, and started by nationally recognized activist extraordinaire Shelly Tygielski, in her home state of Florida, Pandemic of Love has now established micro-communities throughout the Nation aimed at connecting those in need with those willing to help on a local level. While there are many ways to provide aid within a community, what is special about Pandemic of Love is the personal connection between patrons and people in need.

After completing a Request for Need/Commitment to Help form online, volunteers create matches that connect people in a tangible way to give quickly, discretely and directly. In these times of isolation, the personal connection established between patrons and people in need, in our own community, is the heart of this movement. There is no catch. Kind people are introduced to kind people which results in an act of kindness and connection. General donations are also an option and very welcome.

Anyone throughout Pittsburgh in need of essentials to help weather this crisis, or anyone able to help a local family with funds for groceries, medicine, etc, is urged to reach out. Help is available throughout the Nation for family or friends elsewhere. To learn more about Shelly and this movement, go to

Forms are available to Pittsburgh residents by following links to-



Those interested in volunteering for this effort or with questions, please email [email protected].