Cal U alumnae, isolated with family, posts coronavirus parody song to Disney’s “Let it go”

Christina Fosbrink



Elsa from Disney's movie "Frozen" sings the hit song "Let it go."

Jeff Helsel

Fan of Disney’s “Frozen” song “Let it go?”
Here’s a fun and informative music parody by Christina Fosbrink, Cal U adjunct prof. and alumnae ’01, ’03, and her 12-year old daughter Bella.
Following the Pa. Dept. of Health’s advice to stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, Christina says she and Bella were inspired to write and perform the song parody at their Johnstown residence after watching “Frozen” for approximately the tenth time.
“I started singing the chorus with adding different words,” said Dr. Fosbrink. “So my daughter jumped in and we started coming up with lyrics relating to our isolation. It was all in fun to make people smile.”