Does the “Keto Diet” Really Work?

It’s more than just a fad-diet


It is a new year, which means New Year’s resolutions. Do you want to lose weight and get that summer body? The Keto diet is the perfect method to do so. This is a rather quick and efficient way to shed those pounds as well. For my 2020 resolution, I decided to try it and a little over a month in, I have lost ten pounds. All it takes is discipline and dedication. Cheat days are a must when doing this type of diet because if you do not, the more likely it is that you relapse and lose all progress.

Keto is a diet that consists of very small amounts of carbohydrates and a large amount of protein and fats. It is also designed to pretty much stay away from sugar all together. That does not mean you cannot eat sugar here and there, but it needs to be primarily cut out of consumption. Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to eat as much bread, dairy products, rice, corn, bananas, potatoes, etc. Surprisingly enough, a lot of fruits and vegetables are off limits due to their high sugar and carb content. They include, apples, oranges, peas, yams, and pears. Like I said, this diets purpose is to lower net carb intake, which can be extremely difficult. Just to give perspective on the extremity of the amount, it is recommended that you eat only 20-30 grams of carbs per day. For example, there is about 15 grams in one piece of white bread. So, clearly this will be a challenge for most people, which is why this diet is so effective. Sugar and carbs are two huge contributors to what supplies our bodies with the energy is needs to function every day. Instead, Keto forces our bodies to use a different fuel source to give us energy in the form of what is called, “ketone bodies.” This is stored fat in the liver and without the basic energy sources, this is what is used to give us that kick.

I believe that Keto is a great starter diet to lose the weight that you desire, but it is not a long-term solution. Once you get in the cycle called, “Ketosis”, it will be a breeze to lose the weight. After reaching your goal, I advise that you simply start calorie counting and do your best to maintain the weight that you are currently at. Each person’s caloric intake for the day will be determined by their weight and the amount of exercise they get. But, the Keto diet is a great method to try if your goal is to lose weight fast and most efficiently. It has been proven to work for millions around the world and can be implemented in your life with a determined and positive mind. Eat about 85-110 grams of protein, 139-208 grams of fat, and 20-40 grams of carbs a day depending on your body size. Remember, bread and candy bars are your worst enemy, but steaks and brussel sprouts are your best friend.