WCAL’s First Ever “Do-over Prom”

Round two at Cal U


On April 3, 2019, WCAL hosted Cal U’s first ever Do-Over Prom. The event was held in the Natali Performance Center and ran from 7P.M. until 11P.M where over 100 guests came to enjoy the night together. The entry cost was three dollars for singles and five dollars for couples, with all funds benefitting WCAL. This event served as an opportunity not only to fundraise money, but also for anyone who did not enjoy their prom or were unable to attend their prom to have a second chance. Students and community members alike were in attendance, everyone with a smile and a groove in their step. With formal wear being encouraged, some in attendance were able to adorn old formal dresses that otherwise would’ve gone untouched for years. Some in attendance even went so far as to buy completely new outfits whether for newfound comfort in themselves or for personal enjoyment.

With so many well-dressed guests, there were of course some lovely photos taken. During the night, there was a selfie booth being used for guests to take fun and silly pictures with their friends and partners. There were also traditional style prom photos being taken. Couples and singles alike took part in the prom photos, ending up with a total of over 180 photos being accumulated. The 180 photos consist mainly of “prom photos”, but there was quite a bit of candids taken throughout the night. It was easy to get so many with so many guests almost always on the dancefloor. It was easy to keep the dancefloor filled with two DJs from WCAL playing music the whole night. The music was a mixture of EDM, throwback classics, dance songs, and pop, catering to the mood of the night and to the tastes of the diverse crowd.

On the dancefloor, there wasn’t only dancing that night. We had a few people literally flipping from excitement, breakdancing, and making everyone smile. Although, the best part of the night was the line dancing. Every time a line dance came on, the floor was filled. There wasn’t a person on the floor with any hesitation to enjoy themselves in the moment. It was wonderful to see such a large crowd enjoying the night. This was all thanks to the efforts of the WCAL staff that were in attendance before the start of the event that worked hard to put together what became a very fun and memorable night.

Many people that were in attendance could not stop talking about how great of a night they had, even going so far as to say that they had more fun at this event than the original prom that they attended. With such great success in its first event WCAL will be continuing with its do-over as an annual event, in order to keep bringing such a creative and fun night to the community.