Why Yoga is Extremely Effective

The immense benefits of yoga will have you bending over backwards (literally).

Morgan Buckwalter, Opinions Editor

Are you looking for a new way to work out, but without having to go to the gym? Yoga is a fun, simple way to stay physically and mentally fit within the walls of your own home. Some benefits of yoga are increased flexibility, stress relief, and cost effectiveness.

One of the main reasons yoga is effective is because it provides an outlet for stress. College students are prone to stressful situations with classes, social life, and balancing other responsibilities. Even after a long day, it’s hard to relax when your mind is worried about all the other things you still have to do. This is the perfect opportunity to participate in yoga. It’s easy to find a video online which you can watch from the comfort of your living room. Yoga can also provide relief for the areas you need. For instance, there are specific poses for anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, and even weight loss. One of my favorite websites for specified poses is the yogajournal.com. There is a section where you can search what yoga positions will accommodate your needs.

No matter how old you are, yoga is possible for people at any age. There are countless poses to ensure the improvement of flexibility of your body. This is important because it prevents future injuries or pulling a muscle. Also, being more flexible keeps your body feeling healthy and strong. In addition to that, your body will feel less sore after vigorous exercise. This is ideal for athletes who are constantly running or working out. Your body will be able to easily bounce back from sports.

Even though yoga is usually associated with complex movements, the other important part is breathing exercises. There are a variety of ways to exercise your breathing. One of my favorite exercises is called the one-minute breath which eases anxiety and improves cognition. To complete this exercise, make sure your environment is quiet. If you choose to add soft music in the background, it is beneficial if there are no words in the song because they may distract you. After your environment is ready, start by sitting comfortably – preferably on a flat surface. Next, be aware of good posture by sitting up straight. This makes it easier to breathe. The goal is to inhale for 20 seconds, hold the breath for 20 seconds, then exhale for 20 seconds. If this is your first breathing exercise, start with inhaling for 10 seconds, holding for 10 seconds, then exhaling for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for up to three minutes to receive the best results.

Yoga is also extremely cost-effective because it provides an easy way to maintain physical fitness without having to leave your house. This saves money from traveling to and from a gym and paying for a membership. Some people purchase yoga mats, but they are not necessary. Overall, yoga can benefit chronic pains, mental health, and physical fitness. If you haven’t thought about giving yoga a try, I highly recommend it.