This Week’s Album Review

thank u, next- Ariana Grande

This Week's Album Review

Not many artists are able to pull off putting out an album only six months after the previous one, let alone make them both be high quality, but Ariana Grande has managed to do the impossible. thank u, next is by far one of the strongest, most energetic, cohesive albums to be put out in the last few years, flowing effortlessly between smooth, serene vocals in songs like “imagine,” and snappy R&B beats like in “NASA” and “bloodline.” If all you’ve heard of this album are the singles, just know: they are far from the best on the album. Between this release and Sweetener, it is safe to say she has officially secured her current place as the biggest pop star in the world. With being well-written, masterfully produced, and not a single skip-worthy song, this is definitely one to check out.

Rating: 93/100